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From on-demand data to subscription packages and perpetual licenses, MIKE Coastal Resilience Technology is now more accessible than ever.

Data Pricing

Data can be purchased through the Metocean Data Portal as needed or through a subscription plan which provides free access to analytics and a significant discount. Data purchased from the Bathymetrics Data Portal is priced by the square kilometre for 2m, 10m, and 90m depths. Please contact us for more details on data pricing.

Software Licensing Options

Subscription Packages Packages include pre-selected combination of products and modules designed to address specific needs and applications. The 2-user and up subscription option provides the capability to handle those high compute intensive workloads where you may want to carry out comprehensive sensitivity analyses. The minimum subscription period for the 1-user subscription is 2 months and 12 months for 2-users and above. The monthly Subscription is offered at a price of 120% of the equivalent monthly rate of an annual Subscription.

Visit our subscription center for more details including pricing for additional users.

Perpetual Licenses are ideal if you’d like to build your own custom software portfolio and own the software indefinitely. A Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) is included with the purchase of a perpetual license for the first 12 months providing technical support and software updates. SMA’s can be purchased on an annual basis thereafter. There are no limitations on the size of models that can be built (i.e. the number of cells, elements, cross-sections or pipes). Additionally, all Perpetual Licenses are issued as a floating type, allowing members of your modelling team concurrent access to the purchased licenses from a license server (with hardware lock). A floating license can also be configured as a local license if preferred.

License Types

With a Professional License, you get fully featured software and optimum productivity for your team. All DHI’s products and modules are available for purchase on a Professional license, and each ‘seat’ purchased comes with four concurrent simulations of the engine(s) associated with that product or module. Professional Licenses are also available as an Internet License, saving the money and man-power typically associated with establishing and maintaining a license server.

Many MIKE modules can utilise computer parallelisation techniques, and Professional licenses are delivered with 16-core capability (each concurrent simulation can utilise up to 16 CPU cores). Compute capability for these modules is set to Unlimited cores on a Professional License while SMA is valid (similarly, for those modules that can utilise GPU computing hardware, Professional SMA provides free access to GPU). In addition to technical support and updates, having Professional SMA also provides further benefits including volume discounts, priority access to DHI’s online services, and bonus modules e.g. MIKE Animator Plus.

The Essential License is DHI’s entry level product, competitively priced but with some limitations. Some of our more specialised products and modules are not available to purchase as an Essential License, and each ‘seat’ purchased comes with only one concurrent simulation. CPU computing capability is set at 8-core (compared to 16/Unlimited cores for a Professional License), and GPU computing capability can be added at additional cost. An Essential License is only offered as a floating type (with hardware lock), and cannot be delivered as an Internet License.

Essential SMA is 30% cheaper than Professional SMA (no volume discount or bonus modules), but still offers the same great technical support and software updates. If you start with an Essential License but find that you are growing out of it (needing more specialised modules or greater flexibility of compute power), there is an upgrade path to Professional for the difference in list price.

University licenses are strictly limited to educational and research purposes only. University licenses are granted a 50% discount on the Professional list price (purchase and SMA).

For more details on Perpetual Licenses (including pricing), please complete the form below or contact your local office.

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