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Agent-based modelling


Understand how aquatic disturbances affect habitat connectivity, migration, and populations


ABM Lab is advanced agent-based modelling software that simulates aquatic life to help understand the impact of disturbances. Dive into simulations within customisable environments, where users create virtual agents with unique attributes and behaviors, and explore how their interactions drive system-wide behaviors and emergent patterns.


Model everything from marine animal migration to the dispersal of coral larvae, all within a dynamic framework that adapts to both living and inanimate agents. ABM Lab's user-friendly interface and powerful modelling tools make experimentation, hypothesis testing, and policy evaluation accessible to researchers, policymakers, and analysts alike. Uncover insights, test scenarios, and make informed decisions with ABM Lab. 

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Areas of application

Aquaculture planning & design

Boost aquaculture productivity by simulating the spread of waterborne diseases and parasites to refine prevention and treatment.

Climate change resilience and impact

Model adaptive behaviors of migratory aquatic animals to changing climates for informed adaptation strategies.

Contaminant fate and transport

Simulate contaminant movement through ecosystems, including potential impacts from invasive species via ballast water.

Ecological restoration projects

Develop effective restoration strategies by modelling interactions among organisms and environmental changes.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Assess offshore construction impacts on migratory aquatic animals using agent-based modelling to improve environmental compliance.

Eutrophication mitigation strategies

Simulate nutrient cycles and organism responses in protected areas to devise targeted eutrophication mitigation.

Flood impact assessments

Model ecological responses to flooding, considering impacts on migratory fish affected by hydropower.

Forecasting and early warning systems

Use agent-based models to predict ecological changes and issue early warnings, focusing on invasive species risks from ballast water.

Habitat response assessments

Analyse species and habitat responses to environmental stressors to enhance protection of marine protected areas.

Marine debris predictions

Predict debris movement in aquatic environments to align cleanup strategies with marine species protection.

Offshore planning, design, and construction

Simulate construction impacts on aquatic animal migration to minimise environmental disruption.

Oil spill modelling & emergency response

Model biological responses to oil spills, including impacts on marine protected areas.

Ship navigation planning support

Model interactions between shipping and marine life to manage ballast water and prevent invasive species spread.

Underwater noise impact assessments

Predict underwater noise impacts from offshore activities on marine life, guiding mitigation strategies for species protection.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Experience faster MIKE ABM Lab FM simulation speed and useful new functionalities

Get more done in less time with the modernised MIKE Zero user interface

New built-in constants and forcings for MIKE 21/3 FM

New algorithm for RASF computation in ABM Lab for MIKE 21/3 FM

Access new tools, Cloud applications and an enhanced graphical overview from the redesigned MIKE Zero start page

Available on Azure Marketplace

Create a real-time operational forecast system

Conduct advanced Environmental Impact Assessments for aquatic organisms

Model coral reef connectivity and impacts on mass coral spawning

Formulate new agent-based models in MIKE ECO Lab Templates

Benefit from parallelisation to run fast simulations on systems with many cores

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