Marine and coast

Protect marine and coastal environments with nature in focus

Marine and coastal environments are under pressure from increasingly violent weather events, which continue to escalate in frequency and force. At the same time, coastal cities, ports and marine infrastructures are growing in scale and numbers. All this combined with the impact of climate change puts pressure on the natural environment, and solutions to these issues must be flexible and adapted to work in harmony with nature – not against it.


Work with nature from start to finish

Coastal environments are transient, continuously reshaped by the natural forces of waves, tides and surges. To be sustainable, coastal developments must be designed and implemented with a clear understanding and respect for local natural physical and biological processes. This is also the DHI way. We work with clients in the public and private sectors such as governments, insurance, real estate and shipping, to protect shorelines, support coastal development and safeguard ecosystems with nature-based solutions.


Gain effective solutions for complex environments

Our solutions, technologies and data help our clients transform model results into sustainable engineering solutions designed to cope with future climate and development needs.

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