Solve water-related challenges for the mining industry

Water is an essential part of running and maintaining efficient mining operations. However, all mines are different. Mines are highly dynamic environments subject to frequently changing site conditions, mine plans, seasonal climatic variations as well as various other water-related factors. As a result, sustainable and efficient mine water management operations call for a thorough understanding of existing conditions and for learning from historical data to improve decision-making.


Helping you achieve sustainable water management in mining

With increasing costs related to water acquisition and management, emerging mine water risks and a commitment from industry leaders to decrease water footprints, water stewardship is at the forefront of the mining industry. By adopting sustainable water management approaches during mining activities, you can run your mine efficiently with minimal environmental impact.


An integrated water management strategy – for minimal environmental impact

In managing mine water, we devise integrated water management strategies that cover the entire mine life cycle in a watershed context. This provides a level of reliability unachievable with traditional approaches. Using real-time data, remote sensing, online monitoring and recognised numerical and physical modelling, DHI offers a realm of digital solutions to ensure your mine runs efficiently with minimal environmental impact.

Integrated solutions


Plan groundwater extraction for open-pit dewatering


Improve decisions with a mine water management plan


Determine site-wide and watershed-scale water balances


Evaluate slope stability with pore pressure analyses


Plan for the closure of a mining operation


Optimise water management approaches

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Simulate complex subsurface flow, mass, and heat transport processes.

MIKE Cloud

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MIKE Cloud Execution

Instantly access high-performance virtual computers to run complex simulations.

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