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Varying water depths

Bathymetrics Data Portal: Download reliable, high-quality water depth data

Coastal environments play a crucial role in impact studies and construction activities, necessitating accurate mapping of dynamic changes. However, the current global coastal maps suffer from outdatedness and low quality. 


How we can help

To address this challenge, we present the world's first Bathymetrics Data Portal, which utilises reliable water depth data to aid disaster relief efforts and time-critical scenarios. Whether you choose a subscription or opt to purchase data by the square kilometer, you can save costs while avoiding the time-consuming field surveys, permitting complications and safety risks involved. The portal's satellite-based approach allows seamless integration of your data with onshore, subsurface and other project data, making it an ideal solution for remote areas and harsh environments.

Bathymetry map

Instantly access high-quality bathymetry data

Obtain high-resolution satellite-based bathymetry data providing depth values every 2-10 meters, along with certainty indicators for accuracy.


Minimise data costs with our square kilometer purchasing model

By accessing the portal and acquiring only essential data, you can efficiently eliminate unnecessary expenses, ensuring optimal savings.


Easily import water depth data into your software

Seamlessly integrate acquired data with domain-specific software using the default XYZ file format.


Access continuously updated local and global-scale data

Explore our continuously updated database of high-resolution data for local projects as well as lower-resolution data for global projects, with the ability to request specific data for your area of interest.

Key application areas


Our Bathymetry Data Portal can be used to:

  • Achieve high-quality hydrodynamic modelling of the coastal zone for precise predictions and assessments
  • Assist engineering companies in efficient planning by offering an on-demand resource that saves time and resources, enabling project feasibility assessment and early identification of potential challenges
  • Equip national authorities and hydrographic offices with up-to-date information on territorial waters, enhancing maritime safety by minimising navigational hazards

Bathymetrics Data Portal

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Simply define your area of interest on the map to begin exploring data options and associated pricing. Once registered, you can then purchase and instantly download your selected data.

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Contact us for a personalised demo and with any questions on this innovative mapping product.

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