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DHI BlueCast: Custom marine forecasts for more effective risk management

In the fast-paced world of marine operations, staying ahead with accurate forecasts is a constant struggle, especially for those involved in offshore wind activities. The complexity of obtaining tailored forecasts often slows down operations, making it harder to stay efficient and productive.


How we can help

DHI BlueCast is a cutting-edge marine forecasting and operational optimisation solution that revolutionises decision-making at sea. It empowers efficient planning and operations by leveraging precise, high-resolution, and data-driven predictions to manage risks more effectively.


DHI BlueCast is the evolution of Water Forecast, a trusted name in precise and timely marine forecasts since 2001. Building on this legacy, our solution goes beyond expectations to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries with a particular focus on offshore wind. By choosing DHI BlueCast, you're choosing a tool that elevates your decision-making process and sets new standards in marine forecasting precision.

Key application areas

Rely on DHI BlueCast's marine forecasts to:

  • Streamline offshore renewable projects including cable laying, heavy lifts, and repairs.
  • Improve shipping safety with better route planning, fleet management, and emissions compliance.
  • Manage water quality for wastewater, algae blooms, and bathing water through reliable forecasts.
  • Boost efficiency and safety in oil and gas operations.
  • Simplify planning processes for contractors and project owners.
  • Improve port safety and operations, including scheduling, dredging, and vessel logistics.
  • Deliver customised weather forecasts for renewable energy, oil and gas, and environmental sectors.
  • Optimise port traffic flow by extending transit windows based on forecasts.
  • Efficiently plan and execute port dredging operations.
  • Equip ports to proactively adapt to climate change with forecast-driven strategies.

Getting started with DHI BlueCast is easy! Simply choose from global, regional, or local forecast models to suit your specific needs. Next, select and specify the locations for which you need forecasts. After the license agreement is signed, you can expect your forecasts to be delivered within up to 5 working days.

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