Streamline the management of diverse water systems


MIKE+ is a comprehensive platform featuring integrated modules and tools designed to model, analyse, and manage various aspects of water systems. These include pipe networks, rivers, coastal areas, and more. By simplifying modelling and consolidating technology, MIKE+ empowers users to optimise water management strategies, make informed decisions, and bolster the sustainability and resilience of global water infrastructure.


For water utilities, MIKE+ allows you to meet regulatory compliance, optimises hydraulic network performance, streamlines operations, reduces non-revenue water, and effectively manages leaks. Developers benefit from insights into safe development areas, minimising environmental and economic impacts while maximising project efficiency. It aids flood management professionals in identifying solutions to mitigate heavy rain and surface pollutants, assess flood control measures, and implement real-time flood forecasting systems for urban and rural areas alike. Urban planners rely on MIKE+ to craft climate adaptation plans and design resilient, sustainable urban solutions.

Why choose MIKE+?

No in-house modellers?


Get our expert modellers on board for your consulting projects either as a partner, to provide extended user support or for model and project reviews.

Core and specialised modules

Model Manager

Model Manager

The core of the MIKE+ user interface


Rely on this universal application for model management, configuration, and results presentation. With its smart layout and intuitive workflows, you’ll be modelling in no time.

Water Distribution

Water Distribution

Dynamic water distribution modelling


Perform hydraulic and water quality modelling, gain control of pumps and valves and reduce leaks. Plan network sectioning, analyse fire flows and trace multiple sources.

Collection Systems

Collection Systems

Stormwater and wastewater analyses


Model and analyse the hydrology and hydraulics of your collection system. Design real-time controls, assess resilient solutions, and manage both stormwater and wastewater collection systems.



River modelling - reinvented


Analyse river flows, assess hydrological changes, and estimate pollution transport to mitigate disasters and improve water quality.

2D Overland

2D Overland

Get the full picture on flooding


Predict the impact of flood events, identify risks, and evaluate mitigation measures for climate adaptation and emergency response plans.

Transversal modules

MIKE+ Rainfall Runoff

Prepare multiple rainfall-runoff models in one simulation including Time-Area, Kinematic Wave, LIDS, linear reservoir, Storm Water Quality, and UHM. 

MIKE+ Control

Design and test real-time controls of pumps, weirs, gates and valves. Then, compare strategies to optimise your system’s capacity efficiently.

MIKE+ Transport

Analyse pollutant transport by advection-dispersion and transport of fine and coarse sediments in pipe networks, rivers, or wastewater. 


Analyse water quality, model biological and chemical processes of pollutants and eroded sediments, and assess LID and outlet treatment processes.

MIKE 3 Flow Model FM

Couple 1D and MIKE 3 FM models for enhanced accuracy in assessing river flow and collection system impacts in stratified environments.

* The MIKE+ Transport module is required for MIKE+ ECO Lab process modelling.



Combine MIKE+ with ArcGIS Pro capabilities and open the door to industry-leading Esri software.


MIKE+ ArcGIS gives you access to sophisticated spatial processing technology to make you more efficient in preparing spatial data or when analysing and visualising model outputs. Plus, rivers, 2D overland, and SWMM data are all supported - together with their results in 1D and 2D.

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Related technologies

MIKE+ 2D Overland

Predict flood impacts, identify risks, and propose effective mitigation measures.

MIKE+ Collection Systems

Accurately represent flow conditions and efficiently manage stormwater and wastewater.

MIKE+ Model Manager

Manage, configure, and present the results of your MIKE+ models.

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