MIKE 21/3 Mud Transport
Mud transport modelling

MIKE 21/3 Mud Transport

Analyse the impact of siltation on marine, brackish, and freshwater projects


MIKE 21/3 Mud Transport (MT) is a specialised software module designed for simulating the transport of fine-grained sediments, particularly mud, in coastal and marine environments. Essential for marine and environmental engineers, it analyses the impact of siltation on marine, brackish, and freshwater projects.


Incorporating advanced algorithms, MIKE 21/3 MT models sediment dynamics influenced by waves, currents, tides, and sediment characteristics. Whether optimising dredging operations, designing silt curtains for turbidity reduction, or ensuring environmental compliance, its integrated multi-fraction and multi-layer approaches transform data into actionable insights, driving project success. Users gain the capability to analyse sediment transport patterns, predict deposition and erosion, and assess human activities' impact on sediment dynamics in coastal and marine environments.

How does MIKE 21/3 Mud Transport help?

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Areas of application

Coastal engineering studies

Enhance resilience by studying erosion and cohesive sediment dynamics under the influence of combined waves and currents.

Coastal erosion mitigation strategies

Mitigate coastal erosion by modelling mud movement and its effects on stability.

Dam break impact assessments

Predict mud flow and sediment dispersal post-dam failures to refine emergency response strategies.

Deployment of digital twins

Monitor and predict mud transport in real-time with accurate digital representations of aquatic environments.

Drought and water scarcity

Aid water management planning by analysing sediment buildup during droughts.

Environmental monitoring

Track mud distribution accurately to gauge its ecological impacts, particularly in siltation-sensitive zones.

Offshore planning, design, and construction

Secure offshore installations by simulating mud transport and deposition.

Optimisation of dredging operations

Improve dredging efficiency by analysing the spreading, dispersion, and fate of dredged materials.

Port design and optimisation

Optimise port functionality by assessing changes in sedimentation and siltation impacts in harbours and channels.

Sediment transport and morphology

Offer insights into mud transport processes to support sustainable habitat design and management.

Water quality evaluations

Evaluate how contaminated sediments impact water quality and local ecosystems in sensitive areas.

MIKE 21/3 Mud Transport

Additional capabilities & unique features

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Extended feature set and scientific enhancements

Calculate the influence of waves on erosion

Specify source concentrations of each component in every source point

Take morphological changes to the bed into consideration

Account for consolidation of deposited material during long-term simulations

Perform fast calculations

Account for bed shear stresses due to waves

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