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Resilient coastal development

Benefit from prevention planning rather than crisis management in creating resilient coastal communities. Gain powerful insight from modelling technology on how to best work with nature and adapt existing and future coastal developments to changing climates and increasingly vulnerable ecosystems.


The issue

Many people live in low-elevation coastal zones and are consequently at risk of losing lives and homes to flooding and coastal erosion. This risk is now higher than ever due to climate change and is a shared concern for coastal communities around the world. However, it is not too late to take action.


Why it matters

While coastal hazards are lurking in the horizon, the devastating impact of these disasters can be prevented by applying nature-based solutions. Soft and hard coastal protection acts as a line of defence. Coastal resilience adaptation planning helps communities adapt and improve long-term sustainability against loss of lives and properties.

How we can help

Through advanced software technology, DHI strives to share our understanding of complex physics to serve coastal communities trying to adapt worldwide. Digital twins of coastal environments can support you in mitigating coastline instability and flooding. Partner with DHI and de-risk the challenges of living in coastal areas.

Integrated solutions

Based on our in-depth understanding of complex natural processes, our ecosystem-based coastal management services help public sector clients around the world solve coastal instability and flooding-related challenges. We can also help businesses address their carbon footprint with blue carbon solutions, while promoting biodiversity and supporting coastal resilience.


Natural coastal protection scheme investigation


Early planning support to avoid nature-defying solutions


Creation of a shoreline morphology digital twin


Online planning of flood protection and emergency response 

Marine environment

Re-establishment of important coastal habitats

Coastal protection

Development of synergies between coastal and environmental protection

‘The coastal processes at West Beach are complex and previous modelling undertaken in the early 2000s was inconclusive. With the latest coastal processes modelling software and access to international supercomputers, DHI were able to quantify the littoral drift processes at West Beach and then correlate the results with the Coast Protection Board’s historic beach monitoring data. The modelling of alternative management strategies was a crucial element in developing the long-term coastal management strategy subsequently adopted by the South Australian government.’

Murray Townsend, Manager Coast and Marine, Department for Environment and Water, Government of South Australia

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