Littoral processes & coastline kinetics modelling


Accurately model coastal evolution and morphology to support effective coastal management strategies


LITPACK offers comprehensive coastal modelling tools for conducting unparalleled coastline simulations. It enables the simulation of intricate littoral processes and coastline kinetics, making it ideal for evaluating and designing coastal management strategies.


Unlike standard models, LITPACK provides detailed simulations across various profiles and coastal structures, such as groynes and breakwaters. From predicting coastline evolution to assessing the impact of coastal constructions, LITPACK serves as a robust platform for optimising coastal development and protection.

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Areas of application

Climate change resilience and impact

Analyse how climate change affects coastal sediment dynamics to inform adaptation strategies.

Coastal engineering studies

Improve coastal structure designs by modelling sediment transport for various constructions.

Coastal erosion strategies

Evaluate the impact of coastal development and protective schemes on sediment dynamics.

Sediment transport and morphology

Provide insights into sediment behavior including the effects of harbour siltation due to littoral drift.

Wave predictions

Use wave data to predict sediment movement and shoreline changes to enhance coastal management strategies.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Accurately calculate littoral drift using a deterministic model approach

Calculate non-cohesive sediment transport from combined wave and current action

Analyse sediment transport on complex coastal profiles with longshore bars

Run fast coastline evolution simulations with the Table Generation module

Calculate the movements of the coastline position with respect to a straight baseline

Calculate cross-shore sediment transport in shallow water

Boost your productivity with specialised tools in the LITPACK Toolbox

Benefit from simplified data input, analysis and presentation of simulation results

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