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Overcome water challenges in cities

As the world is faced with rapid global urbanisation, climate change and increasing water scarcity, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift in the way we manage water. Cities all over the world are devising more holistic adaptation and mitigation strategies to deal with increasing populations, a changing climate and evolving regulatory requirements.

Solve urban water challenges together

DHI helps to optimise urban water management by implementing innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure clean water for drinking and clean environments for living.

We work with you to ensure clean drinking water, alleviate flood risks and optimise energy consumption. We provide you with not only solutions but also the requisite training to be able to manage your unique urban water environments independently and sustainably.

Get solutions that match your needs

We leverage the latest technological advancements and knowledge to develop water management tools that foster better collaboration, predict the effects of interventions and accelerate implementation processes.

Our solutions focus on planning, design and operation of urban infrastructure and help you ensure liveable cities, now and in the future.

Water supply and distribution

Accessing real-time data and information on water supply and distribution systems to drive improvements in delivering a continuous supply of high-quality and affordable drinking water from source to tap.

Water distribution

Wastewater treatment

Enabling ways to increase capacity, reduce effluent concentrations, become an energy producer rather than consumer and recover valuable and scarce resources. Establishing automated data-driven operations to minimise risks of human error and ensure regulatory compliance.

Wastewater treatment
Urban drainage

Supporting cities and utilities to achieve sustainable and efficient wastewater and stormwater management for daily operations and long-term strategic planning, reducing the risks and environmental impact, supporting regulatory compliance and justifying efficient investments for existing infrastructure and future development.

Urban drainage

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