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MIKE ECO Lab is a versatile software tool that facilitates ecological modelling and environmental impact assessments across aquatic ecosystems. Tailored for simulating and analysing the intricate dynamics of marine, freshwater, and estuarine environments, it empowers users to model diverse ecological processes like nutrient cycling, primary production, and plankton dynamics. Leveraging advanced algorithms, MIKE ECO Lab accurately simulates the behavior and distribution of aquatic organisms, encompassing phytoplankton, zooplankton, fish, and benthic organisms


Rely on MIKE ECO Lab for a wide range of applications including environmental impact assessments, ecosystem management, water quality modeling, and fisheries management. Its user-friendly interface and powerful modelling capabilities, enables scientists, environmental consultants, and decision-makers to assess the impact of human activities, climate change, and pollution on aquatic ecosystems, and to develop sustainable management strategies.

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How does MIKE ECO Lab help?

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Areas of application

Aquaculture planning and design

Optimise aquaculture by modelling nutrient impacts on dissolved oxygen to enhance aquatic health and productivity.

Contaminant fate and transport

Simulate the transport and degradation of contaminants to ensure safe water levels.

CSO/SSO overflow mitigation

Analyse the impact of overflows on water quality, visualising bacteria and pollutant dispersal.

Ecological restoration projects

Enhance restoration projects with ecological process and habitat condition modelling.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Assess ecological impacts of urban development, including hydrogen sulphide and green infrastructure effects.

Eutrophication mitigation strategies

Investigate nutrient dynamics and algal blooms to develop effective nutrient management strategies.

Flood impact assessments

Model ecological impacts of flooding on water quality and habitats to improve management.

Forecasting and early warning systems

Predict environmental changes and issue early warnings to safeguard recreational waters.

Green infrastructure & nature-based solutions

Model ecological benefits of urban green infrastructure to improve environmental and recreational quality.

Groundwater protection zone modelling

Model contaminant transport in aquifers to support groundwater protection.

Groundwater remediation strategies

Simulate contaminant behavior in groundwater for effective remediation solutions.

Habitat response assessments

Assess habitat changes under environmental stress to aid ecosystem conservation and management.

Integrated water resources management

Advance IWRM with multi-dimensional water quality modelling for complex watersheds.

Mine water management planning

Model impacts of mine water discharges to develop mitigation strategies for surrounding environments.

Offshore planning, design, and construction

Evaluate environmental impacts of offshore developments, including oil spill effects

Oil spill modelling & emergency response

Integrate ecological and oil spill modelling to predict and manage oil spill impacts.

Optimisation of dredging operations

Model sediment and contaminant dispersal during dredging to mitigate ecological impacts.

Water quality assessments

Analyse impacts of pollutants on water systems, ensuring water safety and ecological health.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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New and improved MIKE ECO Lab template creation workflows

Experience faster MIKE ECO Lab simulation speed

Improved handling of dry elements in MIKE 21/3 FM

Dynamic removal of unused expressions to improve performance of MIKE 21/3 FM

Particle spawning from standard MIKE ECO Lab expressions in MIKE 21/3 FM

New pseudo-random number generator

Access new tools, Cloud applications and an enhanced graphical overview from the redesigned MIKE Zero start page

Available on Azure Marketplace

Efficiently formulate new ecological models customised to your local ecosystem

Safeguard the public health of recreational swimmers

Help protect public safety from potential flood risks

Model the behavior of organisms in response to the environment`

Determine concentrations of heavy metals in water bodies

Investigate the safety of benthic habitats

Optimise aquaculture production

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