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Reporting serious compliance breaches – confidentially, worldwide and around the clock.


We wish to promote the strength of our performance and quality, and thereby boost the confidence of our employees, shareholders and business partners. As such, integrity and compliant conduct are our highest priorities.


We are a responsible organisation with an open corporate culture, in which everyone is free to raise concerns – especially if they become aware of any irregularity or unlawful activity.


Normally, the preferred option would be for you to talk with your manager, your manager's manager or your HR partner. If you feel that you cannot talk with anyone in management or your HR partner, you may report your concern anonymously via the DHI Whistleblower Scheme.


Under the Whistleblower Scheme, employees and other DHI stakeholders may submit anonymous or non-anonymous reports – made in good faith – of concerns they may have about serious matters. These include matters which may inflict financial losses on us, damage our reputation or have similar such negative effects.

What can be reported?

You can only use the Whistleblower Scheme to report concerns about serious matters or suspected serious matters at the company. The  concerns raised must involve gross violation of law or DHI guidelines for employee behaviour. For instance, serious concerns include:

  • bribery
  • embezzlement
  • violation of human rights and labour principles
  • accounting fraud and more
  • circumstances which have resulted in substantial injury or environmental damage

Other matters such as dissatisfaction with pay, collegial difficulties and so on should not be reported in this system.


It is important that you describe all the facts – even the facts you don’t believe to be important. Please demonstrate your claim if possible.


When filing a report, you can choose to remain strictly anonymous, however we encourage you to provide your name in the report. Regardless of whether you do so or not, please keep communication lines open by creating a password after reporting a concern – you will automatically be directed to a secure page to create your password after submitting your report. This makes it easier to communicate in a confidential and anonymous way. The communication channel allows you and the investigating Board Member to engage with the case, perhaps asking clarifying questions which almost always results in a more successful outcome. Check in with your password after a week.



Any concern reported will be send to two representatives from our external Board of Directors, who are independent of the daily management of DHI. They will initiate an investigation of the matter reported.


We will ensure that a thorough and complete investigation is conducted in a confidential manner to the maximum extent possible.


We will not dismiss, suspend, harass or in any manner discriminate against employees using the DHI Whistleblower Scheme with respect to good faith reporting.


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