MIKE 21/3 Sand Transport
Sand transport modelling

MIKE 21/3 Sand Transport

Analyse sedimentation's impact on ports, offshore energy, dredging, and coastal engineering

MIKE 21/3 Sand Transport (ST) offers comprehensive sand transport modelling and simulation capabilities, tailored for coastal engineers and port designers. This software enables precise assessment of erosion and sedimentation impacts on infrastructure by accurately calculating sand transport from both currents and waves, employing a sophisticated wave boundary layer approach for detailed simulations.


Built to support dynamic modelling, MIKE 21/3 ST seamlessly couples with hydrodynamic and wave analysis modules. This integration allows for effective prediction of sediment dynamics around coastal structures and tidal inlets. By forecasting port sedimentation and simulating morphological changes, this tool ensures that coastal and offshore projects are backed by the most accurate and comprehensive data available, facilitating informed decision-making and robust engineering design.

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MIKE 21/3 Sand Transport

Areas of application

Coastal engineering studies

Improve coastal protection designs by assessing erosion and sedimentation impacts to ensure stability and effectiveness.

Coastal erosion strategies

Model erosion effects on subsea pipelines in oil and gas projects to develop effective mitigation strategies.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

Assess sedimentation impacts from offshore and coastal structures to support comprehensive and sustainable EIA processes.

Offshore planning, design, and construction

Predict sediment transport and deposition around offshore structures to ensure environmental compliance and structural stability.

Optimisation of dredging operations

Enhance dredging efficiency by calculating precise volumes needed to maintain navigation channel depths through sediment transport simulations.

Port design & optimisation

Create effective sediment management strategies for ports using detailed simulations of currents, waves, and sediment transport.

Sediment transport and morphology

Offer critical insights into sediment dynamics to inform sustainable management of coastal and riverine environments.

Wave impact assessments

Combine wave and sediment transport simulations to enhance understanding of coastal dynamics.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Analyse the optimal configuration of a new beach for coastal protection or recreational use

Gather insight on sedimentation as a basis for Environmental Impact Assessments

Identify the best solutions to mitigate the impact of erosion

Quantify sand transport capacity on all scales - from the river to the coastline

Calculate dune erosion during storm conditions

Choose varying layer thickness in areas with rock bed present

Specify source concentrations of each component in every source point

Simulate nourishments, maintenance dredging and mechanical bypass using Bed Level Sources

Enjoy high performance computing through efficient parallelisation techniques

Get more done in less time with the modernised MIKE Zero user interface

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