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MIKE 21 and MIKE 3

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MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 are advanced software suites for simulating and analysing water flow, currents, wave conditions, and processes in marine and coastal environments. With robust visualisation tools and data management capabilities, these software solutions empower users to effectively interpret simulation results. Widely embraced by engineers, scientists, and environmental professionals, they find application in coastal engineering, water resource management, environmental impact assessment, and climate change adaptation planning.


MIKE 21 specialises in two-dimensional (2D) modelling, offering precise simulations of water flow and movement in coastal areas, estuaries, and rivers. It enables accurate predictions of water levels, currents, temperature variations, and flood occurrences, excelling in managing intricate bathymetry and external forces like wind effects.


Conversely, MIKE 3 extends hydrodynamic modelling capabilities into three dimensions (3D), providing an exhaustive understanding of water flow dynamics. It addresses phenomena such as wave-induced currents, storm surges, and weather-related influences, proving indispensable for detailed environmental evaluations, particularly in complex marine settings.

Why choose MIKE 21 or MIKE 3?

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Pick and choose from a selection of modules that target specific concerns. Alternatively, pre-bundled software subscriptions provide great value.

Marine PP, Hydrodynamics, and Transport


Marine PP

Start your data visualisation journey with Marine Pre & Post-Processing (PP), an integrated environment within MIKE Zero for easy data input, analysis, and result presentation.


  • Generate boundary conditions quickly and easily
  • Create and edit 2D/3D grids and detailed computational meshes
  • Animate results in Google Earth and create amazing 3D video presentations
  • Speed up model creation with access to digital bathymetric data
  • Enhance productivity with sensitivity analysis and auto-calibration features
  • Access data in MATLAB, Python, QGIS and other programming languages 


See the MIKE Zero Pre & Post-Processing User Guide for full details. 



The Hydrodynamic (HD) module solves the equations for the conservation of mass and momentum as well as for salinity and temperature in response to a variety of forcing functions. 


  • Specify a variety of hydrographic boundary conditions, initial conditions, bed resistance and wind forcing
  • Include different types of sources and sinks as well as different structures
  • Treat density variations in different manners
  • Include radiation stresses from wave simulations
  • Choose from rectangular grid, nested grids or flexible meshes
  • Seamlessly integrates with other modules for coupled modelling


See the MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 HD User Guides for full details.



Rely on the Transport (AD) module to quickly assess your water quality concerns by simulating the spreading and fate of tracers, dissolved, or suspended matter.


  • Describe the temperature, salinity, and density of substances subject to linear decay and heat dissipation
  • Analyse complex discharges via connected source-sink dynamics to understand re-circulation or variations in habitat quality
  • Identify zones of accumulation and poor flushing using multiple tracers to support water quality screening 
  • Integrate with MIKE ECO Lab for modelling eutrophication, coliform bacteria fate, and heavy metal compounds 


See the MIKE 21 and MIKE 3 Transport User Guides for full details. 

Ecological & water quality modelling



2D/3D agent-based modelling

Simulate the dynamic behaviour and environmental interactions of aquatic life.



1D/2D/3D ecological modelling

Investigate water quality concerns and their potential environmental impact


Particle Tracking

2D/3D particle transport modelling

Understand and quantify pathways and impacts in your environment


Oil spill

Oil Spill

2D/3D oil spill modelling

Quantify and visualise the risks and potential impact of oil spills 

Sediment transport & morphological modelling



Littoral processes & coastline kinetics

Simulate the evolution of coastlines affected by structures and sedimentation

Fine-grained sedimentation

Mud Transport

2D/3D mud transport modelling

Study the impact of siltation on coastal morphology and water quality


Shoreline Morphology

2D morphological modelling

Model long-term shoreline evolution in areas with complex bathymetries

Sand Transport

Sand Transport

2D/3D sand transport modelling

Assess the potential impact of erosion and sedimentation on infrastructure

Wave modelling & dynamic mooring analysis


Boussinesq Waves

2D wave modelling

Analyse wave disturbances in ports, harbours and coastal areas

MIKE 3 Wave FM

MIKE 3 Wave FM

3D phase resolving wave modelling

Study the impact of a wave climate on offshore, coastal or port infrastructure

Mooring Analysis

Mooring Analysis

Dynamic mooring analysis

Assess the dynamic effects of wind, currents and waves on moored vessels

Spectral Waves

Spectral Waves

2D spectral wind-wave modelling

Predict and analyse wave climates in offshore and coastal areas

'We have been working with the MIKE 21/3 model suite since early 2006. Over the years, many of our researchers and graduate students have taken advantage of these cutting edge models to resolve the complex hydrodynamic and sediment transport problems pertaining to their research projects.'

Felix Jose Ph.D, Associate Professor
Florida Gulf Coast University (USA)

MIKE 21 and MIKE 3

Additional capabilities & unique features

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Enhanced hydrodynamic calculations

Improved advection-dispersion calculations

Run fast simulations in more applications with improved core numerics

Explore new modelling possibilities and streamline your workflows

Integrate vegetation into your coastal defence strategies and coastal zone management planning

Model complex hydrodynamics and scour with accurate turbulence modelling

Model in the cloud with Azure Marketplace

Couple modules for advanced studies

Enhance your modelling with first class tools

Run fast simulations for quicker results

Clearly communicate your results with powerful visualisation tools

Model a variety of subgrid features to understand the effects of structures

Master the software in no time

Run your models on LINUX

Get more done in less time with the modernised MIKE Zero user interface

Access new tools, Cloud applications and an enhanced graphical overview from the redesigned MIKE Zero start page

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