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MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis

Optimise your mooring strategies while minimising risks


MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis (MA) is specialised software that ensures port mooring safety and operational efficiency by assessing the dynamic effects of wind, currents, and waves on vessels and floating structures. The software's real-time modelling of vessel motions and wave impacts enables precise mooring analyses and simulations for both single and multi-vessel setups, while accommodating various conditions - even the most severe. 


Moreover, MIKE 21 MA sets itself apart with additional features such as the incorporation of infragravity waves and a comprehensive vessel prototype library. These elements elevate its status as the industry standard for mooring analysis, providing port operators with a versatile toolset to tackle diverse challenges. 

How does MIKE 21 Mooring Analysis help?

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Areas of application

Climate change resilience and impact

Simulate mooring dynamics under future climate scenarios to support adaptation strategies.

Forecasting and early warning systems

Improve maritime safety with dynamic mooring analyses for faster safety assessments under changing conditions.

Green infrastructure & nature-based solutions

Run advanced mooring simulations to optimise bollards and fenders in real conditions.

Offshore planning, design, and construction

Enhance offshore operations by incorporating ship-to-ship dynamics and environmental data for improved safety and efficiency.

Ship navigation planning support

Improve navigational safety through precise mooring analyses that predicts berth operability and the impacts of port layout changes.

Wave impact assessments

Enhance mooring system designs with comprehensive wave impact assessments that integrate MIKE 21 models to ensure dynamic resilience.

'We use MIKE 21 MA for studying the operability of our port in a new imported fuel project. It has the best capability to model the mooring system design, especially the ship motion analysis and force in the mooring lines. MIKE 21 MA with MIKE 21 HD FM forcing is easy to use and set up with a friendly user interface.'

Prayat Nikompak, Head of Project Management Section
EGAT, Thailand


Additional capabilities & unique features

Explore our latest support resources, including guides, videos, and FAQs in our Knowledge Base.

Access a wide selection of prototypes for realistic vessel hull representation

Include infragravity waves for the most comprehensive assessments

Specify wave parameters where no dynamic wave data is available

Connect MIKE 21 MA directly to output from other MIKE modules

Get more done in less time with the modernised MIKE Zero user interface

Access new tools, Cloud applications and an enhanced graphical overview from the redesigned MIKE Zero start page

Experience fast runtimes and unparalleled precision with our advanced mooring analysis solver

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