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Begin your modelling journey with a MIKE Powered by DHI subscription, providing access to a pre-bundled selection of software products tailored for specific applications. Enjoy the convenience of easy upgrades and customisable options. You'll also receive technical support and training discounts, ensuring seamless mastery of the software. This enables you to troubleshoot any issues and maintain smooth operations with ease.


Stay ahead of the curve with hassle-free access to timely updates and the latest versions. Plus, you can work remotely from anywhere with internet connectivity, conducting unlimited simulations to inform critical decision-making processes. MIKE subscriptions also offer lower upfront costs compared to perpetual licenses, making them accessible to businesses of all sizes and individuals alike. 


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* Price for one (1) user on an annual subscription.

## Price for five (5) users on WaterNet Advisor on an annual subscription (including EPANET engine)


^ Price for one (1) concurrent simulation in each mode (hindcast, forecast, and real-time)


^^ Price varies based on size of the city and real-time/reporting requirements


# MIKE API Subscriptions are only offered under a MIKE OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Partner Agreement


For more details on MIKE OEM Partner Agreements, please contact


~Selected annual subscriptions come with a free Company Subscription of MIKE Cloud with one user of Mesh Builder and 1 TB of Cloud storage


***Selected annual subscriptions include an allocation of Cloud Execution credits (includes a free Company Subscription of MIKE Cloud with one user and 1 TB of Cloud storage)


Prices do not include VAT/GST and other taxes (for exact prices in your local currency, or to enquire about more users, contact your local DHI office)


2+ users are only available as an annual Subscription (no monthly option)

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