MIKE 21/3 Oil Spill
Oil spill modelling

MIKE 21/3 Oil Spill

Analyse the movement, transformation, and weathering of spilled and dissolved oil 


MIKE 21/3 Oil Spill is an accurate and reliable 2D and 3D hydrodynamic modelling and simulation tool used to expertly predict and mitigate the environmental impacts of oil spills. Designed with the needs of environmental compliance in mind, MIKE 21/3 Oil Spill allows you to forecast and analyse the trajectory and fate of oil spills. Unlike basic models that only track surface spills, MIKE 21/3 Oil Spill provides detailed analyses of subsurface dynamics and offers specialised capabilities for handling oil in ice-infested waters.


This leading solution excels in predicting and visually planning effective response strategies. It empowers environmental professionals to achieve higher accuracy and better outcomes in spill management compared to traditional tools.

How does MIKE 21/3 Oil Spill help?

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Areas of application

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

Run detailed oil spill simulations to mitigate risks and ensure regulatory compliance in the oil and gas sector.

Forecasting and early warning systems

Make advanced predictions of oil slick trajectories and properties under anticipated metocean conditions.

Oil spill modelling and emergency response

Optimise containment and cleanup operations with oil spill trajectory insight.

Sediment transport and morphology

Evaluate the impact of oil spills on sediment dynamics and coastal morphology.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Create 2D or 3D maps for effective visualisation

Characterise different types of oil

Conduct oil spill backtracking investigations and analyse individual spill tracks

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