MIKE 21/3 Particle Tracking
Particle tracking modelling

MIKE 21/3 Particle Tracking

Quantify the impacts of dredging, disposal, and reclamation activities on the environment


MIKE 21/3 Particle Tracking (PT) is a specialised software module designed for tracking the movement and behaviour of particles, such as sediment, pollutants, or contaminants, across rivers, estuaries, coastal zones, and marine environments. It's ideal for those seeking enhanced capabilities in analysing particle fate and transport, predicting pollution dispersion patterns, assessing environmental risks, and supporting decision-making in water resources and environmental management.


Using Lagrangian particle tracking methods, MIKE 21 PT traces individual particle trajectories influenced by fluid dynamics, including currents, turbulence, and dispersion. With seamless integration into existing hydrodynamic models, this real-time simulation and visualisation tool facilitates swift responses to environmental threats, serving as a vital asset for professionals committed to achieving a harmonious balance between development and nature.

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MIKE 21/3 Particle Tracking

Areas of application

Contaminant fate and transport

Model the dispersion of contaminants to guide mitigation strategies and enhance environmental risk management.

CSO/SSO overflow mitigation

Develop precise overflow control strategies using particle tracking to reduce environmental and health risks from urban runoff.

Oil spill modelling and emergency response

Improve oil spill response with simulations of oil particle movement and degradation to enable rapid cleanup.

Optimisation of dredging operations

Optimise dredging operations by accurately modelling sediment transport and predicting sediment dispersal.

Real-time control or analyses

Enhance water system management with real-time particle tracking to adapt quickly to environmental changes.

Sediment transport and morphology

Inform sustainable management of coastal and riverine environments by assessing sediment transport dynamics.

Tracking of marine debris

Enhance maritime safety and environmental protection by accurately tracking the movement and deposition of debris in water bodies.

Water quality simulations

Simulate pollutant transport and fate to support the design and monitoring of outfalls and address contamination risks.

MIKE 21/3 Particle Tracking

Additional capabilities & unique features

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Produce 2D maps and time series output of both instantaneous and accumulated line discharge rates

Conduct backtracking investigations

Features a user-friendly interface with an online help system

Includes Pre and Post Processing tools and support

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