Large breaking wave
Advanced 3D phase-resolving model

MIKE 3 Wave FM

Analyse the impact of a wave climate on offshore, coastal, or port infrastructure

MIKE 3 Wave FM is used to simulate wave dynamics in three-dimensional oceanic and coastal realms by capturing the generation, propagation, transformation, and dissipation of waves with precision. Its advanced 3D phase-resolving capabilities cover fully nonlinear, fully dispersive surface gravity waves and ambient flow - a major advantage over traditional wave modelling applications.


Equipped with sophisticated algorithms, MIKE 3 Wave FM accurately models wave behaviour under the influence of wind, currents, bathymetry, and coastal structures. Widely used across coastal engineering, offshore renewable energy, harbour design, sediment transport, and coastal hazard assessment, it empowers users to analyse wave conditions, evaluate coastal risks, and design resilient infrastructure. With its user-friendly interface and robust modelling capabilities, MIKE 3 Wave FM caters to the needs of engineers, researchers, and environmental consultants, facilitating informed decision-making and innovative solutions in coastal management.

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MIKE 3 Wave FM

Areas of application

Climate change resilience and impact

Strengthen resilience planning with simulations of future wave climates, sea-level scenarios, and coastal flooding risks.

Coastal engineering studies

Enhance coastal defense designs by modelling complex wave interactions to boost resilience against wave impacts.

Coastal erosion predictions

Aid in the design of sustainable shoreline protection by predicting erosion trends and simulating wave impacts.

Coastal flood mitigation planning

Enhance flood prevention with detailed simulations of wave transformation and coastal inundation to inform mitigation planning.

Cooling water intake & discharge

Ensure efficient water management by simulating and analysing flow patterns around intake and discharge areas.

Metocean condition insight

Provide comprehensive insights into metocean conditions to improve safety and operational planning, including extreme sea state load calculations.

Offshore planning, design, and construction

Strengthen offshore infrastructure by using advanced simulations of 3D wave kinematics for precise structural load calculations.

Port design and optimisation

Simulate wave behaviour within ports to assess berth operability and predict the consequences of port layouts.

Sediment transport and morphology

Accurately predict sediment behaviour and coastal changes to inform sustainable management and engineering solutions.

Ship navigation planning support

Facilitate safer and more efficient navigation by predicting and analysing wave patterns along shipping routes.

Wave condition forecasting

Deliver precise wave forecasts for engineering and operational decisions including dynamic interactions and hydrodynamics in surf and swash zones.

'The MIKE 3 Wave FM model was applied to the coast of Saint-Malo in Brittany, France to simulate coastal flooding situations more accurately. We could see that the rather complex situationsof wave breaking and wave overettopping were far better represented than we were used to. This new model seems to fill the existing gap regarding the accurate representation of the wave conditions at the land-sea interface.'

David Poncet, Head of Flood Preventation Department

City of Saint-Malo



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Assess the impact of waves on marine structure stability with accurate turbulence modelling

No wave height and wave period limitation

Create detailed multi-disciplinary models

Use with MIKE 21 SW, MIKE 21 BW, and MIKE 21 MA to create unique solutions

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