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MIKE+ Rivers

Reinvent the way you model rivers


MIKE+ Rivers is a versatile modelling platform designed for river engineering, flood control, watershed management, and ecological restoration. By combining advanced simulation capabilities with user-friendly features, MIKE+ Rivers empowers users to analyse river flows, assess hydrological changes, and estimate pollution transport more effectively.


Explore the ease and efficiency of MIKE+ Rivers as you navigate through complex river modelling challenges. Harness its potential to help mitigate disasters, safeguard communities, and enhance water quality for a safer, healthier environment.


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Areas of application

Catchment hydrology and yield analysis

Evaluate water yield and hydrology across catchments to optimise resource allocation and planning.

Climate change resilience and impact

Model the effects of climate variability on river systems to guide adaptation and resilience strategies.

Contaminant fate and transport

Simulate the dispersal and concentration of pollutants in riverine environments.

Dam break impact assessments

Evaluate dam failure consequences for improved emergency and mitigation plans.

Drought and water scarcity

Analyse river flow under drought conditions to develop effective water scarcity management strategies.

Ecological restoration projects

Model river dynamics to support the design and evaluation of restoration projects.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Analyse the impact of development on rivers to support project compliance and environmental protection.

Eutrophication mitigation strategies

Model nutrient loading and its effects in river systems to develop strategies for reducing eutrophication.

Flood risk assessment and management

Forecast river flooding scenarios to inform flood risk reduction and emergency preparedness.

Forecasting and early warning systems

Enhance flood and drought response with accurate, real-time hydrological forecasting.

Habitat response assessments

Assess how riverine changes affect habitats and species distribution for biodiversity conservation.

Integrated water resources management

Support IWRM efforts by modelling interactions between hydrological, ecological, and anthropogenic factors.

Sediment transport and morphology

Analyse sediment dynamics in rivers to manage sedimentation issues and guide riverine landscape management.

Water quality evaluations

Evaluate the impact of various factors on river water quality to maintain environmental standards.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Boost your river management and restoration efforts with the Sediment Transport module

Create high-quality models in less time with built-in QA support

New RDI hydrological modelling options

Specify infiltration per land use

New option for rainfall interpolation from stations

View topographical changes along a river with external DEM cross sections

New option to set markers at intersections with polylines from a shape file

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