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Global Hydrological Model: Easily access hindcast and forecast data

Quick access to reliable hydrological data is essential for decision support applications. However, obtaining such data is often challenging as it is limited in availability. This poses a significant obstacle to professionals who rely on accurate hydrological information to make informed decisions.


How we can help

Introducing DHI's Global Hydrological Model (GHM), a subscription-based data portal revolutionising hydrological data accessibility with extensive coverage and high spatial resolution. It eliminates the need for additional simulations, making it perfect for river operations, flood/drought analysis, impact assessment and localised studies. Powered by an automated workflow, the GHM delivers fast and qualified hydrological data, empowering informed decision-making and robust applications. Experience quick access to reliable insights with the GHM.

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Access high spatial resolution data anytime, anywhere

Support more precise decision-making and modelling with easy access to a global dataset of hydrological variables such as river discharge, overland flow, rootzone storage, baseflow and total runoff.

Hindcast data

Utilise long-term hindcast data

Leverage 20 years of historical global data on past hydrological patterns, trends and events to enhance decision-making and prediction accuracy.

Forecast data

Enhance real-time applications with forecast data

Stay ahead of hydrological changes with hourly-updated forecasts offering a 15-day lead time, enabling proactive decision-making and resource management in real-time operational applications.

Seasonal forecasting

Benefit from seasonal forecasting capabilities

Enhance long-term planning and risk assessment with the GHM's impressive 9-month lead time for seasonal forecasting to inform water resource management, infrastructure planning and risk mitigation strategies.

Key application areas

The Global Hydrological Model can be used to:

  • Actively create new services and applications based on near-real-time data
  • Support modelling work with hindcast and forecast data for accurate simulations and predictive analysis
  • Streamline and expedite model setup by actively utilising readily available, high-quality data

Get started

Unlocking the wealth of information available through the GHM is as simple as acquiring a subscription to MIKE Cloud. With a subscription to MIKE Cloud, you gain seamless access to an abundance of hydrological data, empowering you to explore, analyse and utilise the comprehensive insights provided by the GHM for informed decision-making and impactful outcomes.

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