MIKE+ 2D Overland
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MIKE+ 2D Overland

Get the full picture on flooding


MIKE+ 2D Overland provides a comprehensive suite of tools that empower urban planners, engineers, and environmental managers to predict the impacts of flood events, identify risks, and develop effective mitigation strategies.


This software integrates seamlessly into urban planning and emergency response frameworks, providing a robust solution to enhance climate adaptation. Enhance emergency response readiness while ensuring communities are prepared to tackle environmental challenges.


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How does MIKE+ 2D Overland help?

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Areas of application

Climate change resilience and impact

Model the impact of extreme weather events on overland flow to inform adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Dam break impact assessments

Simulate overland flow dynamics resulting from dam failures to enhance emergency planning and response.

Flood risk assessment and management

Assess and manage flood risks by simulating surface water flow patterns and the urban and rural impact.

Storm surge impact analyses

Predict the path and analyse the impact of storm surges to enhance coastal preparedness.

Urban drainage system design

Design and optimise urban drainage systems to effectively manage stormwater and reduce flood risks.

Water quality evaluations

Evaluate the transport and dispersion of pollutants in overland flow to manage water quality.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Save time processing raw flood data using a new Flood Polygons Tool

New Cross-Section Tool for advanced 2D visualisation

Perform a system-wide water quality evaluation

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