MIKE+ Water Distribution
Water distribution system modelling

MIKE+ Water Distribution

Develop dynamic water distribution networks


MIKE+ Water Distribution is designed for modelling and analysing water distribution systems. It helps users optimise the management and operation of water networks by simulating various scenarios, identifying potential issues, and suggesting improvements for efficient water supply management.


It also comes equipped with EPANET simulation, Water Hammer identification, and Multi-Species water quality modelling for ensuring safe, reliable, and efficient water supply solutions. Whether allocating demand water or exploring control options, rely on MIKE+ to deliver the insights needed for informed decision-making in water distribution. 


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How does MIKE+ Water Distribution help?

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Areas of application

Contaminant fate and transport

Predict contaminant spread and plan mitigation strategies by simulating their distribution and concentration within water networks.

Drought and water scarcity

Assess water distribution system resilience in drought for better water conservation and management.

Fire flow capacity assessment

Evaluate your water distribution systems' ability to meet fire flow needs for emergency readiness.


Irrigation scheme optimisation

Model and optimise irrigation schedules and water delivery systems to maximise water efficiency and crop yield.

Leakage for water distribution

Detect and analyse potential leak points to support effective leakage control and water loss management.

Water pressure optimisation

Adjust and control water pressure systemwide to reduce leaks and bursts while ensuring adequate service levels.

Predictive water quality assessments

Assess and predict water quality changes to stay compliant with public health standards.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Elevate your water management capabilities with MIKE+ Zone water balance

Optimise pump control for greater efficiency

Create your own user-defined columns for more custom results analysis

Manage your water distribution simple control logic all in one place

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