MIKE 21 Curvilinear Flow Model
River morphology modelling

MIKE 21 Curvilinear Flow Model

Conduct advanced studies of river dynamics, focusing on sediment transport and morphology


MIKE 21 Curvilinear Flow Model (MIKE 21C) is powerful river morphology modelling software designed to transform complex river dynamics into comprehensive, actionable insights for teams and organizations. By integrating modules for hydrodynamics and sediment transport, this software ensures a holistic approach to river studies, supporting your decisions with accurate data on scour, deposition, and bank erosion.


Perfect for river engineers, environmental consultants, and flood risk managers, MIKE 21C includes features designed to predict changes over various time scales. By also accommodating complex sediment mixes, MIKE 21C helps you design safer, more efficient waterways.

How does MIKE 21C help?

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Areas of application

Ecological restoration projects

Enhance restoration efforts by modelling river and coastal sediment dynamics alongside vegetation.

Erosion control measures

Design erosion control measures using complex sediment and hydraulic models to protect landscapes and manage shoaling.

Sediment transport and morphology

Analyse morphological changes in rivers and coasts by predicting changes in dynamic environments like braided rivers.

MIKE 21 Curvilinear Flow Model

Additional capabilities & unique features

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Make long-term calculations of flow hydrodynamics with the Hydrodynamic (HD) module

Understand the effect of helical flow on sediment movement and morphology in river bends

Perform advanced sediment transport modeling (cohesive mud, non-cohesive sand & mixed sediments)

Compute scour and deposition to understand the large-scale movement of bed material

Analyse bank erosion and planform changes

Simulate the transport of mud, debris and oil

Continuously update the computational grid

Customise your sediment transport models

Run computationally demanding simulations fast

Analyse and present input and output of the curvilinear model

Create animations for powerful result visualisation

Create your own tools with MIKE SDK

Available on Azure Marketplace

Get more done in less time with the modernised MIKE Zero user interface

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