Floating wind turbine testing


Test your floating wind turbine foundation

Measure the response of your floating wind turbine foundation at DHI with physical model tests and numerical modelling

Floating wind turbines are the next stage of offshore wind. New concepts of floating wind turbine foundations need accurate tests under several wave and wind conditions before commercialisation.
The Floating Wind Turbine Testing Solution allows you a broad investigation of the response of your floating wind turbine foundation to wind and waves. Physical model tests conducted in DHI’s laboratory are expanded and integrated with numerical modelling performed with our advanced suite.
You will receive assistance from our experts in hydrodynamics during the test campaign from beginning to end.


Testing how a floating wind turbine foundation responds to wind and waves requires physical and numerical modelling conducted by experienced and knowledgeable engineers. Limitations, inaccuracies and inefficiencies in the test campaign slow down the commercialisation of your foundation – and your business – in the rapidly-growing floating wind market.
Imagine testing your foundation on an integrated platform combining a physical model facility and an advanced numerical suite, supported by dedicated engineering expertise.

Comprehensive response investigation

Coupling experiments and simulations allows fast and convenient expansion of investigated wind and wave scenarios

Accurate response assessment

Our technologies for physical and numerical modelling have been developed to ensure high-quality results

Experience and knowledge support

DHI has more than 50 years of experience in physical and numerical modelling of floating structures with an extensive understanding of the complex physics of wave-structure interaction

The ideal facility for the testing of innovative offshore solutions

How it works

Testing the behaviour of floating wind turbine foundations in wind and waves demands accurate physical model tests and numerical simulations. Our solution includes:

Access to a laboratory with wave and wind generators

A segmented hinged wave maker allows for tests with both uni- and multi-directional sea states while a realistic wind forcing is modelled by our wind generator

Advanced numerical modelling of wave-foundation interaction

Computational Fluid Dynamics models are applied to investigate the wave-foundation interaction at the highest numerical level

Mooring system

An in-house software performs high-quality analyses of the mooring system under extreme conditions

Curious about our solution?

Physical model tests and numerical modelling are well-proven tools for the design of marine and offshore developments. We have been providing physical model tests and numerical modelling for the offshore industry for over 50 years. Learn more about our facility here
We have supported the growth of floating offshore wind in several projects, such as Hydralab and FloatStep.
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