MIKE Metocean Simulator
Metocean data simulation and forecasting

MIKE Metocean Simulator

Quickly assess wave conditions. No matter your level of expertise.


MIKE Metocean Simulator is a cloud-based wave modelling tool for swiftly assessing wave conditions in both nearshore and offshore environments. Designed to cater to offshore energy and marine infrastructure professionals of all skill levels, our tool provides access to high-resolution wave data crucial for early project development, including site selection and feasibility studies.


Traditional methods of acquiring such data are fraught with challenges—slow, expensive, and demanding specialised expertise. These hurdles often result in inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and costly overestimations. By seamlessly integrating selected global datasets from DHI’s MetOcean On-Demand (MOOD) Portal, MIKE Metocean Simulator eliminates the need for laborious data processing. This not only saves valuable time and resources but also empowers you to make well-informed, data-driven decisions with confidence. 

Why use MIKE Metocean Simulator?

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Areas of application

Climate change resilience and impact

Model climate change scenarios to enhance infrastructure planning for breakwaters, terminals, and offshore site selection.

Coastal engineering studies

Boost the resilience of coastal structures with accurate wave simulations, reducing risk and enhancing design accuracy.

Metocean condition insight

Enhance understanding of environmental factors to support precise risk assessments and informed decision-making in marine operations.

Offshore planning, design, and construction

Improve safety and efficacy by addressing extreme wave scenarios, ensuring structures are resilient against harsh conditions.

Optimisation of dredging operations

Enhance dredging safety and efficiency by assessing wave conditions and conducting extreme condition analysis for insurance.

Port design and optimisation

Optimise port operations and design using historical wave data to assess and reduce workboat downtime in nearshore operations.

Wave condition assessments

Deliver accurate wave condition forecasts and analyses including dynamic interactions like wave diffraction and reflection.

MIKE Metocean Simulator

Additional capabilities & unique features

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Flexible input data options

Data validation in MOOD

Assisted meshing

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