Digital solutions

Innovative digital solutions

Experience the transformational power of our innovative digital solutions, designed to enhance decision-making without the need for specialised modelling expertise. Unlock a wealth of information in a fraction of the time with our user-friendly, subscription-based data portals. Gain a competitive edge through our cloud-based business applications that leverage advanced simulation software, real-time data and scenario-based planning tools to transform results into actionable insights. Further elevate your decision-making with our operational systems, delivering accurate, real-time information and forecasts. Whichever you choose, your path to success begins here.



Digital solutions

Bathymetrics Data Portal

Download reliable, high-quality water depth data.

DHI BlueCast

Access custom marine forecasts for more effective risk management

DHI PlumeCast

Empower your dredging operations to safeguard ecosystems.

Future City Flow

Optimise wastewater control strategies for a greener future

Global Hydrological Model

Easily access hindcast and forecast data.

Marine Animal Movement Portal

Gain crucial insights into the behaviour and movement of vulnerable species to support your EIAs

MetOcean Data Portal

Enhance workflows with access to 40 years of metocean data.


Monitor bird movements in offshore wind farms 24/7 to ensure compliance.


Unlock port capacity, reduce delays and optimise expenditures.


Save energy, cut costs and reduce your WWTP’s carbon footprint by up to 30%.