DHI launches new marine forecasting solution for offshore wind operations

DHI has released its latest innovation—DHI BlueCast, a marine forecasting solution for the offshore wind sector. With DHI BlueCast, users can expect to receive precise, high-resolution and data-driven predictions to enhance the management of planning and operational risks.


Building on the foundation of Water Forecast established in 2001, DHI BlueCast is designed to address the unique operational challenges of offshore wind projects, which includes installation operations in areas with varying depths and strong tidal currents. Examples are using cranes to install 100m long blades on wind turbines or ensuring the safety of workers when transferring to access ladders from vessels. DHI's clients have expressed a strong demand for more precise and customised forecasting solutions due to the limitations of traditional methods, which often compromise efficiency and productivity. DHI BlueCast meets this need with highly accurate predictions that are critical for successful offshore operations.


‘DHI BlueCast empowers marine professionals to manage risks more confidently and make informed decisions that drive productivity and safety’, states Jacob Tornfeldt Soerensen, Product & Innovation Portfolio Manager for Energy & Ports at DHI.


Key features of DHI BlueCast:


  • Web service: Users can access marine forecasting data anywhere via the flexible web service, ensuring updated information regardless of location
  • User interface: DHI BlueCast offers a user-friendly interface with:
    • Graph-based visualisation for easy interpretation of critical marine parameters
    • Point of interest setup for efficient management of forecast data locations
    • Validation points integrated directly in the UI to compare forecasts with in-situ measurements
    • Quantified uncertainty from ensemble predictions for more confident risk management
    • Threshold alerting and weather window visualisation for proactive response
  • Real-time data sources: Ability to integrate premium weather data, in-situ and satellite data with MIKE models for informed decision-making
  • Auto-emails: Customisable delivery settings, including sharing of personalised reports, to keep operational teams well-informed
  • API access: Precise marine forecasts can be integrated into existing decision support systems to streamline workflows


For more information, visit dhigroup.com/technologies/dhi-bluecast or contact Jacob Tornfeldt Soerensen via email at jts@dhigroup.com.

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