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Ship dredging in turqouoise water

DHI PlumeCast: Empower your dredging operations to safeguard ecosystems

Dredging-related sediment spills can pose a significant threat to sensitive species and natural habitats. As a responsible dredging operator, ensuring regulatory compliance and minimising ecological risks are paramount. 


How we can help

With DHI PlumeCast, you gain an advanced cloud-based solution that enables easy prediction of sediment spills and their dispersion through an intuitive web interface. By harnessing MIKE Powered by DHI's hydrodynamic, sediment and ecological models, coupled with real-time field monitoring and earth observation data, DHI PlumeCast effectively translates simulation results into actionable insights. The best part? DHI PlumeCast requires no specialised modelling expertise! This means that anyone involved in dredging operations can now assess potential environmental impacts, expedite approvals for new dredging projects and further safeguard delicate ecosystems.


Stay ahead of potential impacts sooner than with traditional software

Streamline the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) approval process with DHI PlumeCast's ability to quickly screen predicted sediment spills and evaluate the potential impacts on sensitive species and habitats.

Working on computer

Proactively manage spills during dredging operations

Optimise dredging plans by forecasting spill plumes for upcoming days to guide mitigation strategies during operations.

User-friendly interface

Effectively use the application without modelling expertise

Enhance dredging oversight, simplify compliance and improve risk management with DHI PlumeCast's user-friendly interface, accessible to all without the need for a modelling expert.

Sediment plume

Have confidence in the accuracy of your results

Ensure accurate, reliable results by integrating live field monitoring and earth observation data with MIKE Powered by DHI's proven technology and cloud-optimised computational engines.

Key application areas


DHI PlumeCast can be used to:

  • Streamline EIA processes, expedite dredging approvals and demonstrate environmental responsibility
  • Optimise dredging with predictive capabilities and data-driven decision-making for efficiency and sustainability
  • Proactively identify and mitigate risks in designed scenarios
  • Assess mitigation measures, including silt curtains, with advanced simulations
  • Forecast spill plumes during operations for proactive impact management


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Get started

DHI PlumeCast’s user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly enter the details of your dredging operation and initiate the simulation process. Within no time, you'll have comprehensive results at your fingertips, which can be animated for seamless visualisation and sharing with colleagues and stakeholders.

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