urban drainage

Ensure sustainable urban drainage

Efficiently drain surface water while minimising pollution and its impact on water quality with sustainable solutions to control and treat stormwater.


The issue

Urban landscapes continue to expand while the climate continues to change. Growing populations, development and densification combined with more frequent severe weather events is overwhelming traditional drainage systems. In cities with mostly hard surfaces, the pollution content in runoff from traffic, building materials and air pollution is threatening water quality in open waters.


Why it matters

To transform a city from a funnel into a sponge, the harvesting of stormwater within its water cycle should be considered for long-term, resilient water balance and reuse. Through vegetation, storage and infiltration, sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDS) or low impact development (LID) rely on natural processes to absorb, filter and break down pollutant substances to protect receiving waters and their biological environment from hazardous substances.

How we can help

The best way to minimise environmental degradation is to integrate the entire water cycle into your planning process. DHI supports the design and implementation of SuDS and LID for both new and existing developments. Through advanced hydraulic and catchment modelling, comprehensive risk assessments and flood mapping, your city can benefit from reduced runoff and improved water quality, efficiency and resilience to climate change.


Integrated solutions
Here are some ways DHI can help city planners, water utilities, municipalities and urban developers revitalise infrastructure and receiving water bodies for greener cities.

Network simulations

Network simulations under real-time conditions to address capacity concerns

pipe discharging water

Integrated catchment modelling to futureproof your drainage system

Green drainage solutions

Incorporation of green solutions into your existing drainage network

Water sample

Terrain modelling and hydraulic assessments to improve water quality


Master planning process optimisation to support new developments

Flood in Italy

Comprehensive evaluation of potential climate change impacts

‘The DHI team responded to our request for physical scale model tests with a technical high-quality proposal. They managed to carry out a complex model build and instrumentation of the pumping station model and provided detailed and continuous feedback on performance during fabrication, instrumentation and testing.’

Jens Bjerritsgaard, Head of Project Department and Karl Norbert Kiniger, Application Manager
Grundfos A/S

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