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Future City Flow: Optimise wastewater control strategies for a greener future

The escalating issue of high flows and infiltration/inflow in combined and separate sewer networks has become a pressing concern. Water utilities and operators face the crucial task of ensuring a consistent supply of safe water, adhering to stringent environmental legislation and optimising costs. To meet these challenges head-on, a transformative and efficient approach to managing wastewater inflow is essential.


How we can help

Future City Flow revolutionises wastewater flow management by providing unparalleled access to real-time simulation software, scenario-based planning tools and advanced data integration capabilities. This subscription-based service enables water utilities and operators to proactively address weather impact, population growth, densification and aging infrastructure. With Future City Flow, users can identify potential improvements in existing wastewater systems within their budget and timeline, effectively target infiltration/inflow (I&I) reduction and maximise operational efficiency.

Key application areas


Future City Flow can be used to:

  • Optimise sewer network/wastewater system for efficiency and effectiveness
  • Implement real-time weather-adapted control for optimal performance
  • Prioritise investments based on data analysis for maximum returns
  • Ensure sustainable wastewater containment, meeting environmental standards
  • Evaluate ROI of mitigation plans to identify effective strategies
  • Track performance against KPIs for data-driven decision-making and improvement

Future City Flow

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Future City Flow features three adaptable modules - Data, Planning and Real-Time Control. After understanding your requirements and desired modules, our expert team takes care of the initial configuration, ensuring a perfect alignment with your operational goals. Once set up, you can immediately leverage the advanced features and intuitive interface of Future City Flow to optimise wastewater management and drive operational efficiency. Join us today to embark on a transformative journey towards a sustainable future in wastewater management.

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