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Deliver safe, affordable water

Access real-time data and information on water supply and distribution systems to drive improvements in delivering a continuous supply of high-quality and affordable drinking water from source to tap.


The issue

Population growth and climate change are putting significant pressure on the world’s most precious resource compromising both its quality and available quantity. To continue to deliver a safe and reliable water supply, it’s vital to properly maintain drinking water systems and operate them in an energy efficient manner to support a growing population.


Why it matters

Without safe and reliable water distribution networks, cities cannot grow. Economies suffer when businesses and residents no longer tolerate breakdowns, water safety concerns and rising consumption costs. Communities and industries are urged like never before to find innovative ways to reduce water losses and comply with increasingly demanding environmental regulations.

How we can help
To help guide such improvements, DHI can create a virtual representation of your physical system. A Digital Twin translates data to knowledge to verify system capacity, identify bottlenecks, analyse operations and visualise future 'what-if' and 'what-to-do-now' scenarios. Discover how to best protect your community’s water supply for years to come.

Integrated solutions

By combining the power of digitalisation with almost 60 years of water modelling expertise, DHI can optimise your water supply and distribution system resulting in major cost savings, reduced downtime risk and increased safety. We collaborate with consultants and utilities in an effort to customise a solution to fit your unique system requirements and objectives.


Digital twins of water infrastructure for informed decision-making


Digitalisation of water distribution systems for mitigation of network outages and disruptions


Non-revenue water reduction and leakage management for more efficient pipe networks


Modelling of intermittent water supply problems for optimised pressure and energy savings


Water safety planning and monitoring for safe drinking water supply


Real-time operational system for control of water network from anywhere

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