MIKE WaterNet Advisor
Decision-support and data visualisation tool

MIKE WaterNet Advisor

Control your water distribution and collection system networks. Anytime, anywhere.


MIKE WaterNet Advisor is a robust web-based application used to monitor and control water distribution and collection system networks. It provides fast access to EPANET, MIKE1D, and SWMM model layers, enabling easy editing, scenario setup, and results display.


Compatible with web browsers on various devices, it offers flexibility and convenience across different operating systems, eliminating the need for experts to retrieve hydraulic model data. . With core features including instant access to hydraulic models, no specialised expertise required, and the capability to work from any location, this web application empowers users to make quicker and more informed decisions.

How does MIKE WaterNet Advisor help?

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Areas of application

Deployment of digital twins

Employ digital twins to simulate and optimise systems in real-time to support what-if analyses and shutdown planning.

Fire flow capacity assessment

Access and analyse fire flow requirements to ensure adequate emergency services support.

Forecasting and early warning systems

Implement advanced forecasting and early warning systems for proactive management of water supply and quality.

Leakage for water distribution

Equip emergency response teams with tools to quickly pinpoint leak locations for enhanced response times and mitigation.

Real-time control or analysis

Optimise responses to changes using online network modeling and real-time control. 

Urban drainage system design

Design and optimise urban drainage systems by leveraging hydraulic model data viewable in GIS platforms.

Water pressure optimisation

Dynamically adjust and control water pressure to reduce leaks and enhance system efficiency.

Water quality monitoring and prediction

Continuously monitor water quality with easy access to results and hydraulic model data via GIS.

Product Overview

MIKE WaterNet Advisor

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'Excellent tool! Straightforward and appealing at the same time. It is pretty useful in order to carry out performance analysis and quick scenario comparison. It is a very good option for operational staff within water utilities especially for a quick contingency assessment.'

Gaetano Parpajola, Civil Hydraulic Engineer

Aìda - Association of Professional Engineers of Water, Cévese Parpajola Hydraulic Engineering, Italy


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Access your SWMM models online

Work with your MIKE 1D models

Better monitor system performance with automated power and energy reporting

Ensure full compatibility with MIKE+ using the redesigned WD online module

Effectively reduce network vulnerability using the new Node Reachability index

Better understand where energy is lost using extended System and Energy Reporting capabilities

Integrate your MIKE+ and MIKE WaterNet Advisor online models with ease

Conduct more realistic hydraulic forecasts

Perform a wide range of hydraulic modelling tasks

Manage your model more efficiently

Present easy to visualise results

Manage scenarios with ease

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