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Real-Time Flood Forecasting, Warning and Operational Control Systems

Convert the knowledge gained from your models into actionable information

Effective coastal flooding resilience planning and operational decision making is dependent on quality data to make informed decisions. As a complement to our modelling software is the technology required for building real-time flood forecasting, warning and operational control systems.

Create a robust flood forecasting and warning system

MIKE OPERATIONS is the premier tool for the collection and processing of real-time data to build flood forecasting and warning systems used to alert a community of impending flooding or to generate real-time flood inundation maps to help expedite disaster response. These systems are designed to account for all important forcings such as tides, storm surge, wind and waves.

MIKE OPERATIONS flood forecasting capabilities


Mobile Connectivity

Easy access to updated flooding information is critically important to coastal communities. DHI can help design user interfaces for readily available mobile access to this information

View forecasts and receive alerts and notifications from mobile devices with MIKE OPERATIONS WEB

Receive notifications and alerts through email and SMS when a user-defined event is triggered or if the latest forecast values require response

Example of a flood alert tool created for the City of Miami Beach, FL USA through an initiative to explore new solutions to better protect their community and its citizens.


Ultimate Flexibility

Get your flood forecasting & warning system up and running faster when a standardarised software product is combined with a flexible and open software framework

Enhance the configuration as needs evolve

Seamlessly convert your off-line model into an online model


Powerful Automation

Automate data preparation, data quality control, model execution, results visualisation, reporting and notification

Build and schedule automated jobs and workflows including forecast bulletin reports

See examples of our technology

Explore the MIKE OPERATIONS WEB interface with this interactive demo

Adapt to changing climate conditions. Optimise the control of flood defences

MIKE OPERATIONS also enables the creation of real-time operational control systems that connect to the internet-of-things to control pumps, weirs, gates and dams in the physical system for powerful, on-demand flood protection.

MIKE OPERATIONS operational control system capabilities

Online Icon

Online Infrastructure Control

Communicate directly with your hardware PLCs

Allows for online control of regulating infrastructure elements such as pumps in water distribution or drainage systems with the ‘SCADAConnect’ module

Optimisation Icon

Optimisation Module

Optimise dam releases to meet downstream water demands, mitigate flooding and control pumps or gates in water collection systems

Minimise combined sewer overflows work with simulation-based optimisation algorithms in real-time

Process Icon

Process Control

Connect directly to SCADA via Open Platform Communications (OPC), previously termed Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control (OLE for Process Control) with the ‘SCADAConnect’ module


Powerful Automation

Your real-time data may be processed and quality assured in automated workflows, and made available as validated data or data reports through MIKE OPERATIONS Desktop and MIKE OPERATIONS WEB.

Testing Icon

Testing Capabilities

Test different reservoir releases or water diversion options in a flooding event to help mitigate flood damage

Start building a system today to better protect your community from flooding

See how MIKE OPERATIONS has benefited these communities

Gothenburg, Sweden uses a real-time system to better protect the environment
Learn how water utilities in Sweden are using a real-time operational system to reduce flooding, wastewater treatment costs and discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment.
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Venice uses MIKE technology to protect against high waters
Hear how their real-time decision support system provides accurate forecasts of high water levels and automatically disseminates information and warnings to protect the community.
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