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Collect & collate high quality data

Online data portals provide reliable environmental data on water levels, currents, salinity, wind, and waves to better understand local conditions. Data can be used directly in your model to help streamline the modelling process so you can discover answers sooner.


Explore the features of online data portals

MetOcean Data Portal

Access 40 years of global Metocean data on wind, waves, water level and currents with ease from high resolution local and regional models as well as global coverage datasets. Retrieve validation reports and calculations of commonly requested analytics on demand to expedite data analysis.

“The MetOcean Data Portal is a leap forward when it comes to the availability and accessibility of decades of high-quality Metocean data. It has already greatly improved our responsiveness within planning and FEED design of support structures in the offshore wind sector.”

Anders Sørrig Mouritzen, C2Wind ApS

Bathymetrics Portal

“The bathymetry data was derived from satellites in an impressive high resolution. With the surface coverage, it was possible to see detailed morphological variations such as longshore bars, sand waves and other similar features, which are not normally seen in traditional measurements with that level of detail.”

Klavs Bundgaard, NIRAS A/S

Bathymetrics Data Portal

Download water depth information directly to your computer from this first of its kind, dedicated commercial bathymetry portal. Provides highly accurate, continuously updated 2m bathymetry data in shallow water areas and a global database of interpolated 90m bathymetry.

Use acquired data directly in a model to analyse, model and simulate flood risks

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