MIKE 2024 Background

DHI launches latest water modelling features in MIKE 2024 Update 1 release

DHI has released MIKE 2024 Update 1, the latest version of the MIKE Powered by DHI software suite featuring advancements across four products within the suite.


The latest release includes features, tools and improvements designed to streamline model building, simplify data maintenance and optimise results sharing. Clients with a valid Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) or subscription can take full advantage of these latest features at no additional cost!   


Key features in the MIKE 2024 Update 1 release:


  • MIKE+ enhances usability with several new features: Improved results viewing, MIKE+Py integration on GitHub for Python-based database interactions, expanded Water Hammer simulation results and a new Q-H plot for fire flow analysis.
  • FEFLOW introduces enhancements in its latest update: An upgraded 3D Supermesh Preprocessing Panel, an enhanced 3D Volumetric Mesh Generator by Geode as well as a new FEFLOW Engine subscription option, which provides access to powerful tools for model calibration and uncertainty analysis at a lower cost.
  • MIKE SHE releases enhancements aimed at optimising user workflows: Improved processes for model calibration and reporting, enhancements in collection system coupling, offering greater flexibility in analysing groundwater impacts as well as water quality simulation improvements designed to be particularly beneficial for projects where surface flow impact is minimal.
  • WEST offers advancements to enhance its functionality: The extension of ASM2dMod to include nitrous oxide (N2O) producing pathways, the incorporation of simple photovoltaic and wind energy production models to expand its utility in energy-related analyses, plus a new sample project to showcase the updated influent fractionator for ASM2dMod.


For more information and to browse new features and download the latest version, see here. We also invite you to register for our upcoming webinar to dive deeper into the latest enhancements in MIKE+ and WEST.


As part of the new release, we have updated our General Terms and Conditions, which you can always find here.

Lastly, for questions or to reactivate an expired SMA, please contact your local DHI office.  


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