MIKE Data Link
Data management and integration tool

MIKE Data Link

Automate the most time-consuming steps in model creation


MIKE Data Link is a cloud application designed to expedite model-building processes while maintaining unparalleled quality. By automating time-consuming tasks and offering convenient online access to global metocean hindcast data, MIKE Data Link empowers maritime and coastal engineers to focus on crafting high-quality 3D models with unprecedented speed and accuracy.


Featuring a user-friendly interface and full support for MIKE 21/3 models, MIKE Data Link empowers users to effortlessly access a variety of datasets, swiftly process information, and seamlessly integrate findings into their projects—all without compromising on precision or reliability. Welcome to a new era of model building where simplicity meets sophistication.

How does MIKE Data Link help?

No in-house modellers?


Get our expert modellers on board for your consulting projects either as a partner, to provide extended user support or for model and project reviews.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Extensive model support

Fast processing

Easy access to both standard and special data

New data operations option

Diverse output

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MIKE Data Link

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