MIKE Mesh Builder
Tool for creating and managing computational meshes

MIKE Mesh Builder

Create high-quality 2D meshes in record time


MIKE Mesh Builder is your all-in-one cloud solution for effortlessly creating and managing meshes. Engineered to enhance efficiency and minimise errors, this advanced tool empowers modellers to tackle a diverse array of applications including riverine, coastal, and urban flood scenarios. With MIKE Mesh Builder, you can effortlessly generate meshes from various data sources, including GIS, aerial imagery, and elevation data. By leveraging advanced extraction techniques for terrain features like rivers, coastlines, and contours, MIKE Mesh Builder facilitates unmatched accuracy in replicating real-world environments.


Furthermore, MIKE Mesh Builder seamlessly integrates with other MIKE software, providing a comprehensive workflow for hydrodynamic modelling and analysis. Give it a try and unlock a new level of efficiency and accuracy in your modeling endeavors.

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Dive deep into your data and meshes within a map-based environment

Harness the power of rich geographic features from OpenStreetMap

Optimise efficiency with our advanced meshing engine

Accelerate your mesh quality evaluation

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