MetOcean Data Portal


Metocean data on demand through a centralised portal

Speed up your workflows with instant access to 40 years of global metocean data.

MetOcean Data Portal

High-quality and reliable metocean data is fundamental to the success of any marine project, but some metocean databases just don’t measure up.

Now you can save time gathering, analysing and reporting metocean data with DHI’s Metocean Data Portal. The global portal enables you to download and validate 40 years of wind, wave, water level and current data, as well as retrieve interactive analytics or download time series data through a user-friendly interface or API. With an easy subscription, you can experience improved efficiency across all stages of your offshore or coastal project—from feasibility, planning and design, to construction and operation.

Access worldwide metocean data instantly

Simply select a site and validate, purchase and download accurate metocean data and analytics within minutes.

Ensure quality before purchase

The data from high-resolution local or regional models as well as global coverage datasets is validated on-the-fly to ensure quality before purchase.

Download calculations of commonly requested analytics on-demand

Rose plots, weather windows and extreme values, among others, can be easily downloaded for inclusion in your documents.

Rely on the most up-to-date metocean data available

The portal is constantly being updated with new and improved data, providing you with the best available metocean information around the world.

Take a quick tour

Watch this demonstration of the MetOcean Data Portal and discover how easy it can be to access nearly 40 years of global metocean data.

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Key application areas

  • Access data based on extensive wave and hydrodynamic modelling covering the period from 1979 to date
  • Extract data through the user-friendly interface or programmatical using an API (for example: cURL, Python, MATLAB)
  • Validate site-specific wind and wave data against satellite altimeter measurements prior to data purchase
  • Reduce the uncertainty of your calculated analytics as the length of the time series is typically 30-40 years
  • Save data in different formats (i.e .MAT, .CVS, .NC, .DFS0), and embed it in MIKE models as boundary conditions, for example

Get started!

To get started, simply place the marker on the map, select a dataset and extract the data for your area of interest. You are now able to see, print and download an analytic visualisation through time series plots, rose plots, altimeter comparisons (validation) and more.

Take advantage of the Freemium subscription or sign-up for a subscription plan that fits your business including unlimited access to all analytics.

It’s all about quality

At DHI, we have been solving complex challenges in offshore, coastal and marine water environments since 1964.

We answer the demands of today’s market and customers asking for fast and simple worldwide digital access to actionable data and information.

The MetOcean Data Portal is the result of our wealth of experience and expertise in providing metocean services, covering almost all seas on Earth for over 50 years. It’s a prime example of how DHI places user experiences at the centre of our solutions, demonstrating our commitment to improve efficiency and enhance value for clients and partners.

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