River basin modelling & management


Optimise river basin management with map-based modelling for integrated water resources management


MIKE HYDRO Basin is the premier map-based modelling software for integrated water resources management. Tailored for water resources planners, reservoir operation managers, and irrigation specialists, it provides a comprehensive toolkit for navigating complex water systems. From analysing alternative designs to fine-tuning management policies, MIKE HYDRO Basin empowers users to optimise river basin systems with unparalleled efficiency.


Its intuitive interface and built-in routines streamline the creation of water usage models, simplifying the delineation of rivers and catchments. It also supports large-scale, multi-year simulations and can deliver real-time decision support. Whether you're strategising for climate impacts or optimising hydro-power and irrigation operations, MIKE HYDRO Basin equips you with the tools to make proactive, informed decisions.

How does MIKE HYDRO Basin help?

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Areas of application

Catchment hydrology and yield analyses

Optimise water yield management with comprehensive simulations that address allocation and shortage concerns.

Climate change resilience and impact

Model and predict the impacts of climate variability on water resource systems.

Contaminant fate and transport

Safeguard water resources by predicting and managing contaminant spread.

Drought and water scarcity

Proactively manage water scarcity by evaluating system vulnerabilities.

Flood risk mitigation and management

Optimise flood management and mitigation through advanced reservoir modelling and real-time decision support systems.

Forecasting and early warning systems

Implement predictive models for hydrological events to support immediate and long-term decision-making.

Integrated water resources management

Facilitate IWRM with tools that support integrated groundwater and surface water use and multi-sectoral planning.

Irrigation scheme optimisation

Predict water demand and improve irrigation performance by analysing water balance, infiltration, and recharge.

Integrated land use planning

Support land use decisions with detailed hydrological models that evaluate how changes impact integrated water resources.

Surface water-groundwater interaction

Analyse surface and groundwater interactions to optimise water allocation and management.

Water quality impact assessment

Ensure basin water quality meets environmental standards using advanced simulations.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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Get more done in less time with the modernised MIKE Zero user interface

Access new tools, Cloud applications and an enhanced graphical overview from the redesigned MIKE Zero start page

Create models in the cloud with no hardware limitations

Evaluate river routing options

Analyse water consumption

Obtain maximum crop yield

Track water content and flow in different layers of soil

Improve hydropower system performance

Simulate the performance of multi-purpose reservoir systems

Simulate reservoir sedimentation

Expand your horizons

Prioritise water allocation

Simulate rainfall runoff

Represent surface-groundwater interaction at the basin scale

Perform water quality simulations

Determine catchment pollutant concentrations

Customise the Map View to suit your preferences and requirements

Analyse results with ease

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