Port authority partners with leading digital advisory company DHI SeaPort OPX

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s Active Vessel Traffic Management Program is one step closer to implementation, with DHI SeaPort OPX selected as an industry partner to help develop the programme’s centralised scheduling system.


As Canadian trade through the Port of Vancouver and region grows, the port authority is designing the Active Vessel Traffic Management Program to manage marine traffic flow for commercial ships. This programme will enhance marine safety, enable the efficient flow of goods to and from the port, reduce community impacts and improve environmental protections.


Selected through a competitive procurement process, DHI SeaPort OPX has experience supporting ports around the world develop digital tools to increase the safety and efficiency of ship movements. The port authority’s centralised scheduling system for the Port of Vancouver will be based on DHI SeaPort OPX’s NCOS Online system, an award-winning ship traffic management system already used on five continents. The system provides near real-time forecast of environmental conditions for safe vessel transit and has increased capacity at several ports.


The port authority expects to launch the centralised schedulling system in 2023, with an initial rollout in the Second Narrows Traffic Control Zone. The new scheduling system will be implemented within other traffic control zones in the port authority’s navigational jurisdiction in the later phases of the programme.

'DHI SeaPort OPX has extensive experience helping ports implement digital tools to better manage marine traffic and we look forward to working with them to improve the safety and efficiency of local ship movements to accommodate Canada’s growing trade through the port', said Peter Xotta, Vice President, Operations and Supply Chain at the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.


'We are deeply humbled that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority chose our physics-based NCOS ONLINE solution as the backbone for their future Active Vessel Travel Management program', said Simon Brandi Mortensen, Managing Director of DHI SeaPort OPX.


As the federal agency responsible for enabling Canada’s trade through the Port of Vancouver, the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is leading development of the Active Vessel Traffic Management Program. The programme is part of a series of digital transformation initiatives that the port authority is leading to improve planning and coordination of goods movement, increase the efficiency of Canada’s supply chains and advance more sustainable practices throughout the Port of Vancouver.

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