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Cloud-based data and model management platform to support mine water decision making 


In today's competitive mining industry, effective and transparent water management is essential. MIKE Mine addresses this need with an innovative, cloud-based web platform designed for every level of groundwater management and modelling experience. The MIKE Mine platform has been designed around simplifying mine water management by merging real-time measured data and groundwater models in a single, accessible database. This integration allows users to not only visualise but also manage and compare their data effortlessly, ensuring that their water management strategies are based on the most accurate and current information. 


MIKE Mine stands out by democratising the modelling process, enabling mine operators to independently create, modify, and simulate model scenarios. This self-sufficiency not only reduces reliance on third-party experts but also speeds up decision-making, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing costs. 


Furthermore, MIKE Mine is designed to be more than just a data management tool; it’s a proactive, regulatory-compliant tool in mine water management. With features like, customisable dashboards for streamlined reporting, and ISO 27001 certified hosting options, MIKE Mine ensures that your data is not only secure but mitigates risks and optimises your mining operations.  


Areas of application

Reporting and compliance

Streamline weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reporting for environmental, de-watering, or geotechnical purposes.

Pumping strategy checks

Use MIKE Mine in your daily operations to check pumping strategies for both modelled vs. measured data.

Lithium extraction scenario planning

Explore optimal lithium extraction scenarios for daily operations.

Planning of new pumping wells

Support the planning process for new pumping wells.

Environmental impact analysis

Convey the environmental impact of your mining operations to stakeholders.

Geotechnical planning support

Gain insights to support geotechnical planning and related processes.

Serves as a central data repository

Guarantee consistent access and download of high-quality data for external consultants.

Comparing models for the ideal approach

Compare different models to determine the best approach for specific mining scenarios.

Custom dashboard creation

Streamline monthly water-related reporting by creating and reusing custom dashboards.


Additional capabilities & unique features

Manage data in a web-based environment with the Data Admin module

Visualise measured and modelled data in customisable dashboards with the Dashboard module

Reconcile measured and modelled data with the Reconciliation module

Create and run modelling scenarios with the Well Manager module

Quickly compare scenarios and make faster decisions using the model results with the Result Viewer module

Enhance your data management with these additional capabilities:



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