Treatment technology - innovation and testing

Innovative and tested technologies for efficient treatment and resource reuse

The demand for efficient treatment technologies is growing every day, due to stricter environmental regulations and the need to recover/reduce the use of cost-intensive resources. The consumption of energy, water, chemicals and other resources can be substantially reduced through optimisation of processes and technologies. This requires an in-depth understanding of the various processes from a technological point of view. To increase the success rate of new treatment technologies, both governments and the private sector put more emphasis on the efficiency of the innovation process providing incentives, financial support and advisory services and facilities for testing and verification.


  • Complying with stricter environmental regulations by reducing pollution emissions and discharges as well as recovering resources
  • Meeting the demands for new treatment technologies
  • Strengthening efficiency during the innovation of new technologies
  • Testing and documenting new technologies in order to enable their recognition and acceptance among potential buyers and in new markets


At DHI, we work with development projects aiming at creating new sustainable environmental technologies in close cooperation with industrial frontrunners. We support the industry with highly specialised competencies. These competencies are based on a conceptual approach to increase eco-efficiency and productivity.


We work closely with technology providers and universities in developing new innovative technologies. We have adequate laboratory facilities and equipment for field testing and documentation and we can support both. We create value for our clients by:
  • Reducing the risk of failure in the innovation of new technologies
  • Reducing investment costs, as technology providers do not need to invest in their own equipment for laboratory and field testing
  • Issuing and publicising verification statements summarising the efficiency of the technology




A solid understanding of the involved mechanisms is imperative for the development and demonstration of new eco-efficient treatment technologies. Our tools and services include:

  • Advisory services on innovation needs assessment, market potential and innovation process designs
  • Laboratory and field testing of treatment technology
  • Assessment of the sustainability of treatment technologies
  • Studies of treatment mechanisms in laboratories and at pilot scale
  • Development of new treatment technologies, sensors and IT systems for improved treatment efficiency 
  • Test and demonstration of new and known technology in new applications
  • Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)
  • Capacity building and training by THE ACADEMY by DHI