Resource-efficient production

Reducing costs and ensuring the future sustainability of production

By 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population could be under conditions of ‘water stress’ ― the threshold for meeting the water requirements for agriculture, industry, domestic purposes, energy and the environment. Water and other natural resources are under increasing pressure. For industries, this results in increased costs for the purchase of water, energy and chemicals. Therefore, ensuring resource-efficient production has become crucial to reduce costs and ensure future sustainability of production. Moreover, growing environmental and public health concerns have led to the imposition of greater restrictions with respect to industrial emissions. Resource-efficient production has thereby become increasingly important to effectively comply with such regulations.


  • Contending with increasing pressure on water resources and the rising need to recover resources
  • Enabling adequate or cost-effective management methods to reduce the use of as well as recover resources
  • Reducing industrial production costs
  • Meeting the increasing demand for reduction of water and CO2 footprints


At DHI, we focus on supporting industries in their quest to create value and enhance social welfare. In view of declining natural resources, we aim to make industries increasingly resource-efficient by applying our global knowledge and extensive expertise in the same.


We identify essential resource uses and risks in industrial production processes and we also point out the means to reduce the use of these resources. We advise our clients on the selection of efficient test technologies. Moreover, we assess the economic and environmental efficiency of productions and technologies. We add value to industries by:
  • Reducing CO2 and water footprints
  • Mitigating water risks
  • Lessening the dependency on access to water resources
  • Enabling water and energy savings
  • Reducing overall environmental impacts
  • Helping to fulfil Corporate Social Responsibility efforts




We provide a wide range of tools and services to ensure resource-efficient industrial production. These include:

  • Mapping and monitoring of processes and technologies
  • Water auditing
  • Water risk assessments
  • Simulations of water reuse scenarios
  • Technology testing and verification
  • Recommendations regarding location of production and selection of new processes and technology
  • Provision of support in negotiations with authorities
  • Capacity building and training by THE ACADEMY by DHI