Pollution control

Reducing or avoiding negative consequences for human health and the environment

Growing environmental and public health concerns have led to stricter regulations with respect to industrial pollution. As such, ensuring the control and mitigation of pollution sources in industrial production has become increasingly important.

The prevention and reduction of hazardous substance discharge through wastewater may be done at source or through decentralised/centralised wastewater treatment. To do this, the substances must first be identified and characterised in order to find the most important pollution sources as well as the sources with the greatest reduction potentials.


  • Identification of pollutants and polluters
  • Appropriately choosing between centralised/decentralised wastewater treatment
  • Overcoming limitations on sludge applications
  • Accurately assessing environmental risks and impacts prior to decision-making
  • Basing these assessments on sound scientific knowledge and data
  • Reducing chemicals in household wastewater


At DHI, we use our knowledge and practical experience to provide the necessary help in order to build the institutional capacity of a wastewater pollution control system. We aim to deliver integrated knowledge on regulation methods, sector-specific best available techniques, environmental management systems and risk assessments of pollutants to authorities and industries.


We help with the documentation of wastewater compositions and provision of an overview of treatment concepts. Our solutions also comprise identification of pollutants and options for removal at source or in treatment facilities. Moreover, we assist with regulation measures of polluters. We also create value for our clients by:
  • Identifying critical hazardous substances
  • Reducing human and environmental risks
  • Enabling potential cost savings
  • Helping them comply with environmental and human quality criteria and regulations




With our expertise and global knowledge, we effectively help to control industrial water and wastewater pollution. Our tools and services include:

  • IT tools for identification and management of pollution sources
  • Concepts for authority regulation of wastewater
  • Evaluation of treatment technology performance aiming at reducing health and environmental risks
  • Monitoring at the site
  • Source tracking
  • On-line monitoring
  • Laboratory and field testing of treatment technology
  • Decision support tools for the assessment of pollution sources
  • Design of information campaigns for industries and households
  • Data management
  • Capacity building and training by THE ACADEMY by DHI