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Aerial view of wastewater treatment plant

TwinPlant: Save energy, cut costs and reduce your WWTP’s carbon footprint

Operational decisions in wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) can be daunting, especially as requirements and performance goals continue to rise.


How we can help

That's where TwinPlant comes in. By creating a digital twin of your plant, TwinPlant empowers you with accurate, real-time information and forecasts, allowing you to make informed decisions that result in substantial benefits. By combining automated data processing, online and predictive modelling and real-time control, TwinPlant enables you to test alternative operational strategies and maintenance scenarios prior to implementation.

Aerial view of wastewater treatment plant

Minimise your carbon footprint and ensure discharge compliance

Reduce environmental impact with TwinPlant's advanced tools, real-time control systems, and reliable solutions designed to optimise treatment processes, minimise energy consumption, chemical usage and carbon footprint while ensuring compliance.

Wastewater plant

Enhance your plant’s performance and efficiency

Make the most out of your existing resources by leveraging TwinPlant's unique capabilities such as intelligent setpoint control.

Data visualisation

Streamline data processing

Simplify complex data processing and ensure accurate process control with TwinPlant's seamless assimilation and validation of data from multiple sources, supported by advanced process optimisers and real-time reporting. 

Wastewater plant

Remotely control plant operations

Better predict performance and optimise operational responses remotely through cloud-based access to TwinPlant's online monitoring, control and forecasting capabilities.

Key application areas


TwinPlant can be used to:

  • Monitor and predict plant performance for key indicators such as process and energy efficiency, resource recovery and CO2 footprint
  • Automate plant operation and optimise real-time control strategies for enhanced efficiency
  • Reduce capital investments by maximising existing plant capacity and infrastructure
  • Test operational and maintenance strategies virtually, without disrupting plant operations
  • Evaluate online data, detect anomalies and proactively address sensor maintenance needs
  • Mitigate risks with timely warnings and proactive measures against undesired events


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Let us unlock the full potential of your facility. Our experts will evaluate your plant and identify the optimal operational and control strategies. Together, we will co-create a TwinPlant installation tailored to your specific needs and concerns. From backend data processing to user interfaces, we ensure a reliable virtual representation of your plant that delivers remarkable results.

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