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TwinPlant: Save energy, cut costs and reduce your WWTP’s carbon footprint by up to 30%

Navigating operational decisions in wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) can be a daunting task, especially with rising requirements and performance goals. Plant managers face an array of pressing challenges, necessitating the optimisation of energy efficiency, reduction of carbon footprint, and cost management, all while upholding optimal process performance.


How we can help

Meet TwinPlant – the definitive solution for optimal WWTP management. This integrated automation and digital twin platform transforms plant operations by creating a digital replica, providing accurate real-time information and forecasts. It empowers plant operators with the insights needed to make informed decisions, leading to substantial benefits.


Tailor your TwinPlant experience by selecting from a range of customisable modules that encompass automated data processing, online and predictive modelling, and real-time control. Whether your focus is on implementing advanced process control, evaluating plant status in real-time, forecasting performance based on weather and influent predictions, or optimising aeration controllers in real-time – the power to enhance your WWTP is in your hands.

Key application areas


TwinPlant can be used to:

  • Monitor and predict plant performance for key indicators such as process and energy efficiency, resource recovery and CO2 footprint
  • Automate plant operation and implement advanced real-time control strategies for enhanced efficiency with the Automated Plant module
  • Decrease energy consumption by optimising aeration controllers in real-time using the Optimised Plant module
  • Reduce capital investments by maximising existing plant capacity and infrastructure
  • Rely on the Learning Plant module to evaluate the status of your plant in real-time using physical and model-derived data.
  • Test operational and maintenance strategies virtually, without disrupting plant operations
  • Proactively make informed decisions and address near-term risks with the Predictive Plant module, utilising weather forecast products to ensure accurate influent predictions for the next 24-48 hours.
Product Overview


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‘DHI was professional and smart in implementing Gruppo CAP’s first WWTP digital twin, coupling process modelling to real-time SCADA data. We now have a powerful tool capable of monitoring the actual status of the system and planning operating scenarios plant-wide in a user-friendly interface. We can visualise effects of common WWTP’s parameters variation on effluent pollutant concentration, sludge production, energy consumption and energy production in terms of biogas recovered as bio-methane by means of KPIs.’

Marcoandrea Muzzatti – Operational Intelligence Manager
Roberto Di Cosmo – Wastewater Treatment Process Engineer
Gruppo CAP

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Unlock the full potential of your facility with a TwinPlant subscription. Our experts will evaluate your plant and identify the optimal operational and control strategies. Together, we will co-create a TwinPlant installation tailored to your specific needs and concerns. From backend data processing to user interfaces, we ensure a reliable virtual representation of your plant that delivers remarkable results.

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