Drastically reduce WWTP energy use, costs and carbon footprint by up to 30%

Drastically reduce WWTP energy use, costs and carbon footprint by up to 30% with TwinPlant's new Optimised Plant module

Wastewater treatment plants are confronted with a critical challenge: inefficient aeration controllers leading to unnecessary energy wastage, heightened operational costs and an amplified carbon footprint. TwinPlant's revolutionary solution, the Optimised Plant module by DHI, is here to address these issues.


This cloud-based application empowers water utilities to continuously fine-tune aeration process controllers. The result is reduced WWTP costs, decreased energy consumption and mitigated GHG emissions, all while minimising the risk of effluent permit violations. By leveraging advanced algorithms and predictive modelling, the Optimised Plant module dynamically adjusts aeration controllers in real-time, significantly reducing blower power consumption by 15-30% and lowering overall power usage by 10-20%.



With a user-friendly interface, operators gain easy access to process control adjustments and automation capabilities, enabling direct contribution to a plant's efficiency and sustainability goals. ‘Human-in-the-loop validation’ ensures meticulous evaluation of controller settings, guaranteeing optimal outcomes. Additionally, the module features ‘optimised aeration’ functionality to further maximise energy efficiency and operational cost savings. Want to achieve more quantifiable KPI improvements? Take advantage of the Optimised Plant's robust modelling and data analytics.


‘Water utilities are facing increasing pressure to make wastewater plant operations efficient, sustainable and compliant at the same time,’ comments TwinPlant Product Owner Fabio Polesel. ‘Digital solutions are in high demand to address these challenges and empower operators with the tools to make the right decision – a unique offering that TwinPlant and The Optimised Plant can provide,’ he continues.


All of TwinPlant’s modules are now available via subscription. Visit  dhigroup.com/technologies/twinplant to learn more and schedule a demo.

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