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NCOS ONLINE: Unlock port capacity, reduce delays and optimise expenditures

Traditional port traffic management systems lack accurate vessel motion and force calculations, limiting the ability of port stakeholders to make informed operational and strategic decisions. This leads to challenges in risk assessment, traffic flow optimisation, safe berthing procedures and resource allocation.


How we can help

NCOS ONLINE, DHI's physics-based port traffic management system, empowers port and maritime safety authorities with a high-precision virtual environment to optimise vessel traffic safety and efficiency, expand the capacity of existing assets and reduce delays. Developed with FORCE TECHNOLOGY, it relies on high-performance, cloud-based computing to resolve vessel motions and forces, uniquely accounting for water depth and forward speed. Plus, NCOS ONLINE uses the same engine as high-end navigation simulators to fully integrate your vessel particulars such as hull form, draft, aerial and sub-aerial hull areas as well as tug resources and modelled currents and winds. You can even account for the motion of moored vessels and non-linear mooring line and fender forces! Transform your port operations with this game-changing system, known worldwide for delivering the most accurate response calculations for today's larger and wider vessels.

Key application areas


NCOS ONLINE can be used to:

  • Fully utilise the capacity of existing port and channel assets, optimising operational efficiency and maximising resources
  • Make informed decisions about future capacity investments to avoid unnecessary expenditures
  • Ensure the safety and efficiency of vessel traffic at all times with NCOS ONLINE's high precision, virtual environment
  • Enhance port efficiency with real-time insights and predictive analytics, empowering proactive vessel traffic management to reduce delays and minimise potential bottlenecks

'NCOS ONLINE has been a game-changer for the Port of Brisbane. By boosting the Port’s capacity to handle larger vessels without compromising safety, we have added value to our customers and maximised efficiency for all Port users.'

Roy Cummins
Chief Executive Officer
Port of Brisbane

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Experience the power of NCOS ONLINE, the most accurate and innovative technology designed to unlock the hidden capacity potential of your port. Let us know how we can assist in ensuring your port operations are optimised to their fullest potential.

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