Wastewater treatment process modelling


Optimise your WWTP by targeting effluent quality, energy, and cost


WEST is the premier simulation tool tailored for dynamic modelling and simulation within wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Designed to support operators, engineers, and researchers, it offers a robust platform for delving into the intricacies of physical, biological, and chemical processes within WWTPs, sewer systems, and rivers.


By prioritising the refinement of plant design, operations, and automation, WEST facilitates the optimisation of effluent quality, energy consumption, and cost efficiency. Equipped with dynamic condition simulations and advanced experimental features such as Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis, WEST emerges as an indispensable asset for the evolution of wastewater treatment facilities towards a future-ready state.

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Areas of application

Contaminant fate and transport

Optimise treatment strategies by simulating contaminants based on varying sewage compositions and operational changes.

Deployment of digital twins

Enhance real-time management and evaluation of WWTP processes using digital twins with customisable dashboards for plant operators.

Real-time control or analysis

Improve WWTP efficiency through real-time control systems that dynamically adjust operations based on live data and analytics.

Water quality assessments

Provide tools for detailed analysis of water quality changes due to treatment processes and operational adjustments.

WWTP design and optimisation

Empower operators and consultants with advanced tools for analysis and modelling to enhance sustainability and efficiency.


Additional capabilities & unique features

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What’s new in WEST - 2024 Update 1

Design, upgrade and optimise wastewater treatment plants

Implement custom models, process units and controllers

Run complex, integrated models on one software platform

Achieve more sustainable WWTP operations by reducing energy use and carbon footprint

Model the discharge, fate and removal of emerging contaminants

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